Friday, June 18, 2010

Stockholm, oh you're so like New York-Day 6

Okay so hands down Stockholm beats the pants off of Copenhagen. Don't get me wrong Copenhagen is lovely and it's architecture is spectacular, but when it comes to food and atmosphere Stockholm is Europe's answer to NYC. I made this decision about 20 mins outside the airport.
Our train ride in was super fast super clean, and friendly service (okay that part is not like NYC).

We checked into the Rival in Sodermalm, Stockholm's Williamsburg/ East Village, the room is tiny but pretty, clean, minimalist, and really functional!

The hotel has a bar, cafe, restaurant, bakery, AND movie theatre!!!! You don't have to leave the hotel if you don't want to. First thing we did was walk down to SOFO ( yes they too make stupid acronyms), South of Folkungagatan, now you understand the acronym. On the way there, there were tons of shops and my favorite sign in the hood is this hair salon

We found that the neighborhood was filled with lots of cafes, restaurants and bars, I could live here. We stopped in for an empanada at Oye where we got to talk to the proprietors one was Chilean and the other was from Morroco and they had this cute spanish themed but not really spanish cafe. Our beef emapanadas accompanied by a small salad was very tasty and hit the spot after not eating since eight in the morning. Turns out the Morrocan guy lived in Manhattan's Chinatown and used to walk all the way to the Bronx and says New York is huge and each block takes 7 mins to walk! What?! Dude take the subway like a normal person. He was very nice but liked to exaggerate.

When we were done we walked around and hung out in a little park then we went into this mini gourmet supermarket slash restaurant got my probiotic shot then walked around some more and met this cute dog who worked in a store in SOFO

We headed back to the hotel to get some hot tea and get in a hot shower since it's really chilly here. Got dressed went out around 10:30 pm still daytime to find some food. We ended up at the square and I had a hotdog while we identified birds versus bats. Then off to bed again at midnight with the sunseting.

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