Tuesday, December 30, 2008

June's here!

"June Bug" 2008©janneserojas

I got my new Blythe yesterday! Her name is June Bug. I fixed her frizzy hair last night and made her a new crochet hat today. The pattern was totally made up, it's a little wonky but you really have to look to tell.

"June on a Bike" 2008©janneserojas

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Just bought these can't wait!

I'm so excited I just bought these on etsy from Lunitas. They will be perfect for my girls. I also commissioned Tibiloo on Flickr to knit a wee sweater for my girls, can't wait til it's done although I think it will be a while, Tibiloo is traveling as we speak. Yay for Etsy!!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

At the Craft fair this weekend

Dollparts and Candy (sans me)

So the Craft Fair at the Brooklyn Lyceum went pretty well, better than expected considering mother nature wasn't playing fair this weekend, in NYC. Even with the snow, ice, and freezing temperature people came out, to browse and buy. I think the strain on the economy really held some people back. Most people have the one for you one for me attitude during the holiday shopping season but not this time around. People were being very selective and carefully spending their money, sadly for us. Adriana (Saru-Saru)and I both manage to make our table rent and make a wee bit of profit at least enough to cover some materials, but no compensation for the oodles of time we put into making our wares. It's okay, we had fun and I met some other nice Crafters. We had some good customers and some strange ones. I had one little girl whisper in her mom's ear about one of my paintings, she asked her mom why was the girl only wearing underwear. I of course came up with a lame answer, her mom being a mom told her the girl must be hot. Then I had a mother and daughter team of the older variety (no children this time),while looking at my neckwarmers saw my scarf, and wondered out loud, "I wonder what this is suppose to warm, I sure like to meet it *wink wink*". The scarf was a long and narrow scarf. I told the ladies, "Ladies you've got dirty minds I only make clean stuff over here. They must have had me confused with another Etsy seller. All in all it was a good weekend.

Saru-Saru (Adriana manning the table)