Wednesday, March 27, 2013

New Crochet Ring in the Shop!

I just added these to my Shop today. They come in 4 colors and are made to order. The tiny bow is only 15mm wide. The ring is one size. Get it here. crochet bow ring crochet bow ring crochet bow ring colors crochet bow ring color

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Yowa Yowa Camera Woman: Natsumi Hayashi

I've been following Natsumi's blog Yowa Yowa Camera Woman for a very long time and I always love her work, especially because she isn't using Photoshop to edit her magical floating self. Natsumi, takes 100's of pictures of herself jumping until she gets the right one, which I imagine can be physically and mentally exhausting. Now its wonderful to see she finally has her first solo show in Tokyo. The project -- titled "Today's Levitation" -- is the subject of a playful survey of her year-long obsession with flying. Natsumi's work will be on display at Spiral Garden in Tokyo's in Aoyama. Photos courtesy of MEM Inc., which will showcase "Today's Levitation" at Spiral Garden from March 26-March 31, 2013.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

A visit from Polkros

Last week was a lot of fun when Ros came for a visit to NYC, we got to hang out a lot and show Ros this awesome city. Polkaros! North 7th Brooklyn Art Library Brooklyn Art Library Brooklyn Art Library Lewis Lazar Sketchbook Project Meatball shop Handsome Dan's Handsome Dan's wonderful stationery

1.Ros 2. North 7th, Williamsburg bike parking 3-5. Brooklyn Art Library  6. Lewis Lazar playing at the Living Room, soon to close. 7. Sketchbook by Rebekah Berger 8. The Meatball Shop 9-10. Handsome Dan's 11. Yellow Owl Workshop Stationery at the Mini Market in Williamsburg.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Olek and Parra at Jonathan Levine Gallery

I have a lot of catching up to do, my computer's hard drive decided to die two weeks ago and it took a week to get it repaired and then another week to get all my software and files back up. But everything is alright now and I will resume the regular scheduled program.
Let's start with this amazing show I saw yesterday. Olek is wonderful crochet artists, her work steps away from the granny chic we are all use to and goes in a hole other direction. Its fun and feels like a Fruits photo spread.
"Olek (born 5 April 1978,full name Agata Oleksiak, and known professionally as Crocheted Olek) is a Polish-born artist living in the US. Her works include sculptures, installations such as crocheted bicycles, inflatables, and fiber art. Her best known piece is a false apartment in which the contents, including the residents, were covered in crocheting. It was featured in various international media outlets. The work generally includes members of the public or the media, crocheted directly into the suit without traditional fasteners."
Olek Show @johnathanlevinegallery Olek Show @johnathanlevinegallery Olek Show @johnathanlevinegallery Olek Show @johnathanlevinegallery Olek Show @johnathanlevinegallery Olek Show @johnathanlevinegallery Olek Show @johnathanlevinegallery Olek Show @johnathanlevinegallery Olek Show @johnathanlevinegallery Olek Show @johnathanlevinegallery
Next up is Dutch artist Parra, amazing amazing painter and sculptor. He using vibrant colors in his post-Pop imagery making the work feel like its coming alive.
Parra Show @johnathan Levine Gallery Parra Show @johnathan Levine Gallery Parra Show @johnathan Levine Gallery
Both are the Jonathan Levine Gallery,529 W 20th St #9 New York, NY 10011
(212) 243-3822
Show ends tomorrow.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Brooklyn Photo Zine

New Zine available now in my shop. This is a collection of 16 pages of analog photography all shot in Brooklyn with my 35mm camera. Get it here.
Brooklyn Photo Zine Brooklyn Photo Zine_8452 Brooklyn Photo Zine Brooklyn Photo Zine Brooklyn Photo Zine Brooklyn Photo Zine Brooklyn Photo Zine Brooklyn Photo Zine Brooklyn Photo Zine

Monday, March 11, 2013

Remembering Japan Today

Home Today marks two years that the massive earth quake hit Japan. I remember Japan and its lovely people today and pray that those that lost friends and family can still have hope for the future. My heart goes out to you.

Snail mail and visitor from Japan

First off I have to apologize if my post look a little strange, my hard drive died and I'm posting from my iPhone. Going to take it to the Genuis bar at the Apple store later this evening, cross your fingers for me. As my computer sits silent I'm putting together my mini Japan memories zine that I managed to print before my computer bid me adieu. Anyway I wanted to share a couple of lovely snail mail and gifts from two wonderful blogger friends Ishtar and Ros.