Friday, December 31, 2010

10 things for the New Year

1. Work for another gallery show.
2. Plan to paint and shoot more.
3. Plan to visit at least two amazing places this year(one is in the works)
4. Make money making the things I love.
5. Understand that unhappy people make others miserable.
6. Work on updating the apartment.
7. Photograph more people less architecture.
8. Eat better.
9. Stay focused
10. Drink more!

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Hoodie for Anaya

I finished this hoodie for Anaya last night from my own pattern. I will have the pattern available in my etsy store too late today.

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BIG SNEAKS IN JAPAN! (MSD Converse for sale or trade)

I bought these from Dollmore and I got them yesterday in the mail, and they are über big on my Minifee. I didn't remove the from their packaging but I can see they are super large through the package. I'm selling them for what I paid $7 USD, plus shipping to your area (please U.S., only).
The measurements given on the site for these converse are 8cm(foot)x11cm(shaft height). These are the super extra high tops, super bummed they don't fit my girl. I'm also willing to trade for another pair of shoes that fit my girl.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Good Day

Today was a good day and here are some pics of all the goodness

1.lunch box at Sobaya
2.tiny sake cup loverly partner
5.guy making soba
6.blast from the past, Mars bar
7.Smoke Joint bbq sandwich.
8.a yummy beverage at Der Schwarze Kölner.
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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Tea and War

Today NYC finally emerged from all the snow and we were able to get into the city. Debra and I took the train into the West Village to have lunch at Tea & Sympathy on Greennich Ave, one of my favorite places. This place is a super cute Bristish tea place with traditional afternoon tea and lots of other yummy Bristish treats.We started with clotted cream and scones.

Then we had a variety of tea sandwiches like Branston pickles with cheddar cheese and cucumber and cream cheese, with a delicious Rose petal tea. Followed by an insane ginger cake covered in hot creamy custard! Entirely too much food. After that we rolled ourselves to the train Uptown to the International Photography Center to see to exciting shows, the Mexican suitcase and the Cuban Revolution.

Being Cuban-American the latter was incredible to see since my parents were there before, during, and after the revolution. A time in history that forever changed my parents and every other Cuban. The show is up until January 9th and I highly recommend it. The Mexican suitcase was depressing and amazing. I love that I got to see the first woman photo journalist's photos Gerda Taro. She was amazing! She died when a tank in the war struck her!

Both shows were related to revolutions, the weird thing is that on the way to the museum we saw this guy dressed as a toy soldier.

The weird thing wasn't that he was a guy in a costume sitting in a subway car that's normal growing up in NY, but it's the soldier part because we were headed up to see photographs of war, is that kismet?

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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Minifee Dress Pattern available in my Etsy store

So I decided to put my dress pattern up for sale on my Las Mininas etsy store. It's a relatively easy pattern to use and looks super cute on her. I will send a pdf after payment is received. As with all my stuff this pattern copyrighted and is meant for personal use only. You can't resale the pattern and you can't sell items made with the pattern. If you are interested in licensing the pattern please email me. Sorry to get serious guys but you have to protect your stuff these days like crazy.

Snippets of what the pattern looks like.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

New dress for Anaya

Although I ordered Anaya a bunch of new clothes from Dollmore and Nine9style, I really wanted to start making her my own creations,so I finally got a chance to use my walking foot on my sewing machine. I've had a great difficulty sewing knits but I've had a this walking foot sitting around for months and wasn't sure how to use it or install. I dug around the internetz and found some very helpful videos on installing the foot. I got out some cute knit stripey fabric, a little elastic, some ric rac and a hello kitty button out and sewed a super awesome little dress. First successful knit fabric project with the new walking presser foot! LOOK!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Gallery Opening

Pic by my friend Adriana Vladuca

The opening at InRivers gallery went really well. It was a full house. As usual I only mingled with the people I knew which was too bad because it would have been fun to meet some of the other artists. It was a really awesome night. My friend came in from Jersey with her son who's 9 yo and is really into art and she wants to encourage him. It was a little overwhelming for a kid and there was some sexy art too but he was totally cool about it just like his mom.
After the opening we headed over to the Pencil Factory bar for some beers. I started to feel sick and dizzy and blood pressure dropped. I fainted outside of the bar, I think I was feeling a little claustrophic. The paramedics were called I was super embarrassed with everyone especially my friends who came out to share this special eve, and I had to go and crap it up! Anyway, I was fine after emptying the contants of my stomach, gross I know, I throughly disgusted with myself.

Anywho, I spent the day today recovering drinking tea, making a baked ziti and starting a new drawing for a painting. I used my doll Anaya as my model, that was so helpful. Will post pics of drawing tomorrow. Oh! I made a summer casserole in the middle of winter it was yummy!

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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Pink Pants

Today I got my haircut and I'm not too happy with the final outcome. My bangs somehow are gone, not what I planned especially with the show coming up. My hair stylist felt bad and ate the cost.
I got home and got crackin' on a pair of pants for Anaya, my minifee, which I cut out on Monday. They are baby wale corduroy in a pink.

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Happy Aftermath

I took Monday off from work and just rode the NYC subway system for 3 hrs and had a lovely afternoon with Debra.
The reason I spent so much time on the train was because I was traveling from Brooklyn to the Upper Eastside then back into Borough Park Brooklyn getting old films to new doctors. It was bitter cold too. After all that running around I built up a huge appetite so I met Debra at Taro sushi on Flatbush Ave in Prospect Heights, I know this is so riveting.

Anyway, Taro sushi has a sister restaurant in Tokyo so they are actually Japanese unlike majority of the sushi places in NY which are actually Chinese which only makes a difference in authenticity. I had the delicious sushi lunch set or as they say in Japan "ranchu setu". We also shared a steaming carafe of hot sake, yum!
After lunch we meandered through Brooklyn Larder. Checking out the delicious cheese and chocolate assortment. I bought a baked caramel chocolate fleur de sel bar, it was outrageous!

Next stop for more fattening yumminess the Chocolate room where I had a dark hot chocolate and Debra had Brooklyn Chocolate Stout, double yum!

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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Astoria Market Day!

Definitely not what I expected. I think I may be the only Brooklyn crafter at this event, and its a whole other world. We have very nice vendor neighbors so that's a plus. But otherwise it's kinda of a dud.
Debra came with me for moral support and to put out a few tees and cards. Our friends were all kind enough to make the trip out to Astoria even though the train trip is an extended one. All in all this was bust because the organizer never bothered to promote it. Two thumbs down :(.

Our wares

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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Mayhem and madness


Today is a day of total madness, just running around getting ready for the group show at In Rivers and the craft fair at Astoria Market. I started early cutting mats and frames for my artwork. Then my partner and I grabbed my stuff and my dog hoping to drop off my work at the gallery in Greenpoint after dropping my dog at the groomers. Didn't work out that way. I dropped Budda off for his grooming appointment and headed home.

Homeless sleeping at Nassau station.

After circling for half an hour in the car trying to find a spot I decided driving to Greenpoint would be an excercise in frustration. I took the G to Greenpoint Ave and was really happy the gallery was about a 100ft away because it's freezing today and it will make the gallery really accessible to everyone.

OWLLz.... In Rivers gallery

Lau and Giancarlo, the gallery proprietor and curators, were super nice and the space was really awesome. I'm so excited for the opening. Lau's mom may cook for the event!

Manhattan Ave, Greenpoint

After meeting Lau, Giancarlo, and their sweet kitty I walked to the most delicious Polish food place,Lomzynianka, on Manhattan Ave and Nassau. I got the kielbasa and red borcht, super yummy!

Lomzynianka kitchen

Lomzynianka diners

When I got home I scarfed my food down and got to building a display for my wares. Grabbed some foamcore, exacto, pins, and fabric and got to work. I will post pics from the Market tomorrow.

My baby after his haircut. *kiss*

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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Mammos and Bios

Last night I was running around gathering my promotional materials, measuring the pieces for my upcoming group show at In Rivers gallery and the Astoria Market (craft fair), feeling a little like a chicken with its head cut off, but excited nonetheless. Today I've been updating my bio/artist statement for the show and I'm feeling a little weird that I have bios all over the place. It's just a strange thing that we as a society need to tell others who we think we are and that society expects a glimpse into our personal lives. Are we all attention hogs and nosey nans or is there more to it? Anyway, I left work early today to get the dreaded mammo and sonogram of the boobies. It's terribly painful and terrifying, I hate it. Hopefully I won't feel too damaged and I can concentrate on writing my artist's statement and start preparing my craft table setup for the Market. I'm lugging home a big piece of foam core and a vendor logo to make a little fake wall display for my broaches and hair accessories. Will post pics of the outcome on that.

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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

So as promised here's Anaya's beret. I kinda messed it up I wanted it to have a flat top but I decreased too quickly so it came out a little pointy for my taste. Will try again, this time in a really pretty cerise heathered pink, which will look super cute with her pink hair!

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Group show In Rivers

Copyright 2009 Jannese Rojas

Today I got great news from a new gallery I submitted my work to. I was selected to be in the gallery's opening group show on December 11th. I will have a watercolor and a color pencil drawing in the show. I'm very excited to be a participant in this group show! I will post the opening info soon.

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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tiny heads

Today I started to crochet a little slouchy beret for Anaya my minifee. If it comes out good I may make some for my store, Las Mininas. Will post finished beret in a day.

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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday blues....grays, and browns

Today I finished the rest of my bags for the Astoria Market. I also took inventory of my stock from the store and I think I'm pretty ready. So with some time left over on my Sunday I finished my coat for my lovely new dolly Anaya Rowan, the minifee. I was lucky to find some little Japanese iron-on patches to complete the coat and I received the split zipper two weeks ago so it's a real zip-up hoodie. Now she needs some leggings and a skirt, have to make a pattern though. I would write more about this weekend except that I am having a bit of a blue Sunday and I can't get myself to write much. Take a look at the finished projects.