Saturday, June 19, 2010

Slussen & Smorsbord- day 7

Blooms cafe

Day 2 in Stockholm, pretty sweet. Started the day late but started it delicious at Blooms, ate a very fresh lox sandwich with lots of lemon and dill, the bread was soft on the inside and crunchy on the outside and very hardy.

Lox sandwich

Then I stopped in a local bookstore and of course the yarn store, Litet Nystan, on the next block. They had a very nice selection of Swedish an Danish wool but I cant wear wool so I went for some marled alpaca sock weight.

Litet Nystan

Then we took the T-bana at the Maria-Torget station which is half a block away from our hotel. The clip card was really pricey at 180 kr about $24 which gives you 8 clips it's like $3 a ride.

We rode to the Ostermalm stop which is 3 stops away to find 2 design stores that we couldn't afford, Svenskt Tenn where they have textiles by Josef Frank and the Carl Malmsten design store on Strandvagen. Both lovely and pricey.While in the stores it started to deluge outside so we just hung out as long as possible inside, thank god they had a WC.

Josef Frank print

Next stop Djurgarden. This is a massive park that is on it's own island with amusement park and Ren Fair village. Neither appealing to us but the park is full of cafes unfortunately the weather was not in our favor, so we took the ferry back to Slussen the ferry ride was pretty cool it afforded some great views. We even got to see the Swedish Navy including a submarine, all for the safety of the Princess' wedding on Saturday.

This ride is called INSANE! Well named. I will have to post the video so you can watch the death and torture contraption yourself.


We got back to our hotel to dry off and head down to Kvarnen, a great pub/restaurant/club, well the club part sucks, but the food and beer delish! This was the best meal I've had our whole trip. We first got a massive basket of breads then our starter was 4 types of pickled herring with vats of beer! The herring had a cardomon, a remoulade, another mayonaise type and a basic flavor with tiny potatoes. Maincourse, we both ordered the same thing because the pub is known best for their Swedish meatballs entree it came with creamy mash potatoes, lingonberry sauce and gherkin pickles. We stuffed the last meatball and drank as much as humanly possible from our vats of beer, then headed into Sofo for a walk and to scope some bars.

4 types of herring (terrible pic)

Swedish meatballs, mash potatoes, ligonberry sauce

Okay so when I to the restroom I went to the last stall because it looked more spacious, when I got to the stall I did a double take when I saw a double toilet in the stall. Is this for BFFs that can't be separated even when they need to use the toilet??? Anyone?

So we went to our hotel after checking some bars for our Saturday night in Stockholm, I know lame we should have gone into some place Friday but grandma(me) and sicky(Debra) were too tired.

Here's midnight

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