Sunday, June 20, 2010

Day 8-Runnin' from the Princess, Stockholm Day 3

Saturday we wake up up with one thought how do we avoid the Royal wedding because the crowds are going to be madness. I started out with a light breakfast (light being a relative term here) at the Rival cafe. The mini cheese sandwich was less then delicious but the ginger sugary treat was really good.

As I sat outside in the sunshine having my tea a little blue and yellow bird, smaller then a sparrow, landed at the edge of my plate and then a sweet Jack Russell came to hang out with me, it was nice to have some doggy company because I really miss my dogs.

Then off to do some shopping, my goal is to buy some clogs before I leave Sweden, so I tried Pure and Simple, they had one pair off Swedish Hasbeens and the store although it had amazing stuff was really pricey. Headed over to Hornsgatan and I went into the Swedish version of the Good Will everything was so clean and fresh, didn't get anything though. Kept walking until I reached this store Afro Art that had textiles from all over the world I ended buying two beautiful hand made embroidered pillows. Debra bought a lovely multi-colored scarf.

It was lunch time and the wedding was commencing we wanted to try to find a cafe in Djurgarden so we took the last ferry there to by pass Gamla Stan where the wedding was taking place. They were also shutting down the ferry from 4-6pm for security so we literally made the last ferry to Djurgarden. Got there we spent some time trying to find the cafe we realized that it was in Skansen their Ren Fair village in the park. We paid a whopping 120 kr for the entrance it turned out to be a very pretty historic village where all the buildings were indeed original architecture transplanted from different parts of the country to Skansen.

We walked and walked and no cafe so we settled for one of the restaurants in the village, I had a $24 chicken cesar salad, it was tasty but not $24 worth of tasty. We did get to watch the cannons blasting from the palace signifying the Princess' marriage. Skansen had amazing views of the city and of the palace. After we ate we met all the animals in the village there were, bears, wolves, seals, wolverines, moose with moose babies!! There were also some very well cared for farm animals.
Then we took the T-bana to the Odenplan station in Vasastan to a really nice and delicious restaurant Tranan. This place was definitely elegant and you need reservations which we had the hotel make for us earlier that afternoon.

We both ordered the same entree because it looked so good andvit was!!! A grated potatoe pancake with a huge wedge of lemon and toppings on the side, the toppings were roe, sour cream, chives, and onions, and you mix it all up and gobbled it down.

We were done with dinner at 10:30pm so we took the T-bana over to Sofo in Sodermalm and made our way to the Roxy bar a mix bar (gay/lesbian/straight) that was totally relaxed. We ordered two Leffe Blons and found a nice table to watch the Swedish Lesbians do their thing (hang out with their friends and drink).

Then went to bed at 2:30am and the sun was up.

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