Sunday, June 27, 2010

Day 15-I left my heart in Sweden

This morning was a scramble to get to the airport. Our first disappointment was that breakfast is served on the weekends at 8am and we had to leave at 7:30am. Cab picks us up and drives to the Visby airport, it takes 15 minutes, so we get there at 7:45 but the airport opens at 8am!!! Who knew? not those of us waiting for the counter people to come into work. We check-in, get on the plane all flawless. Then we take the Arlanda Express to Stockholm Central Station without a hitch tons of time before our train to Copenhagen leaves.

Boarded the X2000 to Copenhagen left at 12:21pm, perfect. First class is awesome, roomy seats, lots of legroom, wifi, nice service. My two complaints are, the train seriously rocks to the point where I got motion sickness which in all my years alive it has never happen to me; and two the food is equal to airplane food. When we were almost by Malmo which is 20 mins away from Copenhagen they said that we would have to change trains because they didn't have the part to go to Copenhagen.WHAT!!! The instructions on the train over the loud speaker were in Swedish the only thiing in english said was the train to Copenhagen will be right behind this one. While on the platform we realized we were the only ones waiting and I finally asked the train attendant and she told us to walk to the end of the platform that the train is literally right behind our train. So we ran down the platform to get on a crappy commuter train that had human poop on the floor of a bathroom and on the floor outside the bathroom, obviously we were no longer in first class.

Thank goodness it was a 20 minute train ride to Copenhagen.
Checked into the Axel, got our old room again, freshened up.
We went out to dinner at Biomio on Söndergade, an organic restaurant with wok dishes it was pretty delishes. I had a noodle beef veggie entree and it was very gingery.

After dinner we went to Pate Pate for a beverage the place was really packed and buzzing with hipsters.
Time to head back to our hotel via the hookers, pimps and pushers. First we checked out the meatpacking district which started to bloom in the last two years according to our hotel bartender, it was pretty cool looking, one of the places was having a Cuban night.

Sleepy sleep time.

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