Monday, September 13, 2010

Clay, Bikes and furry beasts

Thursday night Adriana and I went to the pottery studio to refine our bowls. Which means slow an methodical scraping and carving. I went a little far with one of my bowls trying to even out the bowl and I punched a hole in it. I repaired it, but we'll see if it makes a difference after it's fired in the kiln.

Here are two of my bowls and Adriana's on the bottom right.

Part of the weekend is a doggy snuggle here's Budda loving my down comforter (he has his own too).

Friday I was home as you saw from my last post and worked on my dress. I'm almost done with it now just have to hem it tonight while my partner is at her cooking class.

Saturday morning Debra and I took my bike over to Bicycle Station and got my warped tire rim fixed for ten bucks. Then off to Williamsburg for lunch at Colette. We road the very convenient Hipster Highway, Kent ave and along the way there, there is the Brooklyn Navy Yards. Above there's a pic of this really great deco-ish building by the Navy Yards.

My bike, I feel, is in need of a few things. I would love to add some fenders. Also I would like to make a liner for mine front basket with really cute Japanese fabric. I have panniers that need to be mounted on the back rack and maybe I'll make liners for them too.

Super super great treat this weekend, I got to visit my former foster Olaf (now Widdershins)! This little boy was my favorite of all the kittens he's such a snuggler and he loves to be held.

Last night we had a rainy day treat, we went for a chocolaty treat with a yummy warm beverage to accompany our ice cream, I had jasmine pearls tea, at Blue Marble. This location, which is right around the corner from my apartment, will no longer be open after October 24th. Bummer :(
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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sick Day=Sewing Day

(link to original dress)

Whenever I'm home sick I end up working on a project. I can't help it, creative energy helps me feel better. I have to be sick in bed kinda sick to not work on a project. Yesterday I was okay enough to sit in my studio and work on my dress from the Stylish Dress Pattern (ISBN978040579-11185-5)Book with the Nani Iro fabric. The dress is finished apart from having to hem it, but I really want to hand hem it, hoping to get that done tomorrow. Then I have to press it. I also would like to make a corsage flower to wear on the yoke on the dress to reflect the flower pattern of the dress. Like this guy, from a Japanese fabric flower book I got at Kinokuniya.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Holiday or Bust!

This holiday weekend was chock full of goodness. We biked, saw art in the great outdoors, ate delicious food,and spend some QT with the dogs.
Of course my holiday weekend started with a bang one of my external hard drives decided to die on me and all my artwork was was on it. I remained calm and took it to tek serve and it all worked out, but of course at the tune of $200!
Friday eve we went to Delmano Hotel in Williamsburg and it was awesome in so many ways. Amazing chacuterie plates with yummy cheeses, meats, pickles, olives, and sweet spreads. Their bartenders are mixologists making delicious drink concoctions! We loved it so much we went for a second try on Saturday night. I think we got lucky that it was full but not obscenely packed because it was a holiday weekend.

Saturday morning we loaded the pups in the car and took them to Prospect Park. We mostly walked them through the wooded areas and then took a break in a shady spot in a meadow. Budda decided he would steal a couple of chestnuts from my partner and amuse himself by rolling them in his little mouth and then arranging them side by side in the grass (over and over again, my dog was diagnosed with compulsive disorder that's OCD in humans). We spent a couple hours there then dropped the creatures off at home and started our hunt for a bike rack so we could travel with our bikes. After 3 bike shops we finally found a 3 bike rack for about $100, awesome! Next we're off to Delmano Hotel for dinner and drinks.

Next morning, Sunday, we took a car ride out of the city up to Bear Mountain to Storm King. Storm King is an amazing open air museum with massive grounds surrounded by woods and moutains. You can actually have like an acre to yourself and not see a soul, unheard of.

That eve was a stay-at-home and give the dogs a snuggle while eating a japanese bento box and watching Mad Men.

Monday. We started off trying to figure out the instructions for the bike rack and it was totally smooth. Rack was on the car then we loaded our bikes and we picked up our friend Adriana and her bike, no problem. We were heading towards Fort Hamilton Park to ride along the water on the other side of the Belt Parkway. We drove for about 15 minutes before the rack gave out when we hit a small bump (completely unavoidable in NYC). The piece of the rack that holds the rack at a right angle just popped out and the rack collapsed dragging my bike and my friends for a quarter of the block. Minor damage to my bike the front wheel and brake are out of alignment. We removed the bikes, jimmy-rigged the rack with some duct tape and loaded the bikes again.

We made it to the park and rode along the water towards Coney Island. We reached Coney Island and hung out on the board walk for a bit then pedaled our way back to the park.

On the way to drop off Adriana the rack betrayed us once again. We had to take them off and park the car and ride our bikes home. Luckily we got a great spot for the car.

We rounded the evening off with bbq ribs at the Smoke Joint in Fort Greene. Yum.

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