Monday, June 14, 2010

Christiana never again!

First night in Copenhagen was cold and wet, but we manged to get to an amazing restaurant Soren K at the Black Diamond Library, which in itself was truly amazing. The library is a massive glass and steel structure in the shape of a black diamond and the interior had circular glass rooms. The restaurant was located inside facing the water, so when the rain cleared and darkness fell it was pretty spectacular. The food was really interesting and really expensive and we were soon to find out all food is expensive in Copenhagen. I got the smoked scallops that came on top of a bed of sour cream risotto and for dinner I had a free-range chicken and for dessert a rhubarb and chocolate mousse tasty treat.

Yesterday we got a late start due to Jetlag and my partner having a terrible cold. When we first stepped out in search of our first meal of the day, lunch, we were treated to an old dude having sexy-time with a Lady Gaga poster, YUCK! Moving on.

First we headed to an open face sandwich place that our friend Dada recommended, Sorgenfri, a 180 yr old restaurant!!! I had a hamburger steak with a fried egg and Debra had the shrimps and hard boiled egg sandwich. Mine was a little meaty for me but Debra's was tasty! The atmosphere was of a small tavern and the staff was nice-ish, homey decor.

Then we were off to Christian town via Christianborg. Christianborg was amazing I felt like we were at Hogwarts. Just beautiful old architecture and lovely gardens, plus fancy huge pigeons. We finally arrived at Knipplesbro bridge and walked over it to Christian town it was a 10 mins walk, easy peesy. I needed a loo in the worst way so we went in to buy a beverage at a cafe called Coco, had a delicious chai latte(which I'm totally addicted to here)&used their facilities. We got to watch True Blood while in the cafe, that's a bonus!

So we continued to meander around town looking for a mythical bakery our concierge told us about (never found it) and came across this park along the canal mind you everything we had seen so far in Copenhagen was like a magical faerieland, little did we know what was in store for us. As we traveled on this path along the water we realized the gents hanging out weren't gents at all they had a real seedy element. We kept walking until we reached a sign saying welcome to Christiania we saw more seedy people, it started getting scary. Well I needed another loo after my chai latte so I kept going we arrived in the middle of a music venue slash drug den! Used the loo, took some pics, got assaulted by a crazed junkie!!!! This very large toothless young blonde guy comes over to ask to look at my camera and I ignored him because I'm from NYC and that's what you do. He grabs me by the shoulders from behind and wouldn't let me go until I showed him my pictures and deleted the ones he deemed unwatchable. Because apparently amongst all the grafitti on the side of a delapited building there was a picture of a camera with an X running through it and I mistakenly took a picture of it. If my blog wasn't on the G rated side I would list all the foul things this guy said to me. So from what I read there's more ti Christiana than this but I have to say put me down for a big NO THANK YOU!

Debra did not want our afternoon completely ruined by this jerk so we decided to get some lattes at another Dada recommended spot Cafe Wilder. It a nice place to sit outside or sit in tbe lovely interior. The service was very good and the Chai latte was delish! Then off we werw again to Stroget to find everything closed because it's daytime here for so long that you forget what time it is we realized it was 9pm! So we went for dinner at Stella's nice service and tasty tomato soup! Time for bed.

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