Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Day 11- Gotland or Bust!

Sunset in Gotland at 11pm

Last couple of hours in Stockholm we had breakfast at the Rival cafe and we met a model beautiful Swedish woman who had just been stood up. Absolutely shocking! If someone that gorgeous is a throw away then what do you do with the rest of us trolls. The most awesome part of this encounter is that no one this good-lookin' would lower themselves by talking to the uglies. Imagine a world of Amanda Seyfrieds, Sweden is awesome!!!
Time to go to the airport. We were going to take a cab to the Arlanda express to the airport but our very nice cab driver( that's like an oxymoron) informed us that it would be cheaper for him to drive to the airport and it's true when it's two people or more, about 495sek.
The flight is super fast and painless 40 mins by the time you've reached full altitude it's time for your descent. We arrived a itty bitty airport and took another taxi to our hotel, the roads were all green lined and our approach was magical with the cities wall ruins and it's tiny ancient buildings.

We get to the hotel in about 15mins. The hotel, Stenugnen is really cute and it has a mini lift which we were cracking up the whole time, we had to operate ourselves.

We stepped out in search of snack and we found Amalia cafe, super cute and super tasty. We tried a lavender cookie and a very dense chocolate coconut ball with coffee and chai.

After a snack, we walked around and saw the ocean then watched a Swedish orchestra play awesome music in the park. Then we set off to find which restaurants were opening around 6:30pm. We had pizza, actually really decent pizza at an mixed italian place

After dinner we walked over to Stora Torget, one of the town squares and went into the supermarket and found these gems.

I feel like I'm being a total stupid teenager about these, but come on it's funny, especially in a country where everyone speaks english.

Here's the sunset again which is last thing we did, walk over to the shore and settle in to watch the sun never go down.

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