Saturday, November 21, 2009

Norwegian Slippers Finished!

Yay! I finished knitting the second slipper last weekend but I hadn't had a chance to felt them , so last night since I stayed in a hand felted them in a bowl in the sink and then I towel dried them and threw them in the drier for 20 minutes. Thank goodness I check in on them or else I would have ended up with toddler slippers. I stopped the drier and then I just left them on a towel to dry on my radiator overnight. They came out perfect! More here and here

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I started crocheting these mittens last night with this amazing handpainted yarn that's, a merino wool, alpaca, acrylic blend, called Bunny Paint by Tahki Yarns color lot#074, it's greys, creams, camel and light creamy orange. The pattern is from this book ISBN4-529-04284-7

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Present for my cousin Jessica

My little 14 yer old cousin, Jessica, who lives in Cuba "land of the I have nothing" asked me this week for a bottle of nail protector because she has been taking care of her nails so she will have them long and pretty for her 15th birthday. For those not familiar with spanish cultures, your 15th birthday is a big deal it's like sweet sixteen here in the States. So yesterday I bought her a nail strengthener and protector plus I'm surprising her with other nail grooming supplies and a little tinted lip balm and blush. I wanted to give her something to keep her stuff in so last night I got out some of my cute Japanese fabric, pre-made piping, velcro, and 1/4" elastic and I made this little case for her stuff. I think she will be very happy to get it, it will be a sweet surprise.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Japanese books and mags!

"Small Animals" ISBN978-4-07-2689903-5

I was really slow these last two weeks posting, so I just got around to scanning these magazines and books I bought two weeks ago at Kinokuniya. Mostly Women's and Kids fashion mags and two crafting books. The Fudge, Sesame and Milk are exceptional, they have amazing fashion for the Fall/Holiday season. I'm including isbn#'s for the crafting books.

unsure of title, ISBN4-529-04284-7

Sesame Winter Issue 09 ISBN978-4-02-272381-9

MILK No.11 2009/10

Maria 2009 November vol.71

Fudge 2009 November vol.77