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Day 9- To the Palace! Stockholm day 4

Gamla Stan

Started the day off with some brunch on the way to find our food we past a skate park that was really sweet and tons of kids were showing off.

Skate park

Brunch ended up at South of Folkugagatan, we had delicious paninis with hot beverages while sitting in the warm sun, then it was a race to get to the stores since they close at 4pm on Sundays.

First we hit Grandpa (that sounds bad), kinda a better Urban Outfitters, tried a few things nothing looked good. We walked some more in the neighborhood and then it hit us, in the gut, that is brunch did, then it was race to find a bathroom.

Looks innocent enough but it was the demon in my belly!!

After our bellies settled we took the T-bana to Gamla Stan and checked out the tourist shops and the palace, and tiny alleys. The palace guards were dressed in their royal garb and angry mugs it was not as impressive as I was expecting. We stopped in to a candy shop since candies are so much part of the culture we thought it would make a nice souvenir for friends. There's even loose candy bins at the Seven Eleven and in the subway newstands.
On the way back Debra and I parted ways on how we wanted to get back to the hotel. Debra walked over the mini bridge and I being super lazy took the T-bana up to Maria Torget.

In my train car there were three dogs, dogs are allowed on most trains without a carrier in Stockholm( more about dogs in Stockholm later), and one guy was pretty miserable he was crying the whole time while his owner slept. Poor little guy wanted to get off so bad he started following me off the train since I paid him attention.
Got back to the Rival relaxed for a bit, had some tea at the self-service bar in the hotel, then got ready for dinner.

Debra had been jonesing to go to Nytorget Urban Deli in SOFO, so we got a nice table there with great food and service. Lovely restaurant attached to a gourmet market where some of their ingredients come from. I ordered the charcuterrie plate, that came with breasola, procuitto, sopressata, giant capers and wasabi olives. Then Debra got the cheese plate, that came with a creamy brie like cheese, a blue cheese, and another delicious cheese we aren't sure about, accompanied by fig jam and sun raisins and some lovely breads.

Debra also ordered a warm wheatberry salad with entire roll of goat cheese.

We decided we turn in early since we wanted to get up early to try and change our plans to leave out of Stockholm instead of Copenhagen. On the way to the hotel we saw this

Gay Gnomes! WTF!!! Their snuggling after the fact, you can see unbuckled pant belts ;)
Love Stockholm!

Okay on a side note a just wanted to visit the topic of dogs in Stockholm. So I already covered dogs riding on the trains, which you will see signs on the individual train car windows a dogs allowed sign (no carriers necessary). At the pharmacy you will find a whole section for your dogs medical needs. And most important of all the docking of tails and surgical alteration if ears is illegal. You will see all the breeds that you see in the states without tails with a wagging tail. It's wonderful to see them express themselves with their tails. So please think about this the next time you see a Cocker spaniel or Neopolatin Mastiff or a Jack Russell.

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