Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dollies up for Adoption

Four of my girls are up for adoption. Trying to raise some money for my trip to Japan and I have kinda been a neglectful dolly mom as of late. These girls deserve some much needed attention.

The girls up for adoption are a custom Lounging Lovely, custom Cousin Olivia, custom Candy Carnival, and untouched V- Smash.

I do not spray fix my girls because Mr Super Clear is toxic.

$200 Lounging Lovely- sanded, and painted lips
$250 Cousin Olivia-Sanded, lips carved and painted, boggled eyes, new eyelashes,new chips, freckles and blush (not spray fixed)
$175 Candy Carnival-lips painted, hair boil permed, new chips
$185 V-Smash- original everything

Each girl will come in her box and with her original clothing but not shoes and not her accessories. Will consider offers also.

Please leave a comment or email me at jannese1970@gmail.com about adopting one of these lovely girls

Pics to each girl
Cousin Olivia
V Smash
Candy Carnival
Lounging Lovely

Frida-Cousin Olivia

Talula Moon- Candy Carnival

Ginger-lily- V Smash

Cherry- Lounging Lovely

Tokyo: A Certain Style

Tokyo: A Certain Style, by Kyoichi Tsuzuki, I've had this book for about 6 years when my partner told my sister that I loved this book and didn't have it, so my sister gave it to me for my birthday. I have poured over the pages a million times since. Recently, I pulled it out for three reasons to look at the small spaces especially those apartments that are tatami style apartments since I will be one of those people soon enough and wanted to get some temporary decor tips. Then the second reason is I find that I enjoy sketching things and rooms much more than I use to when I was younger so this is a perfect book to sketch from, just to get my hand moving. Lastly, I am planning to build my photography portfolio in Japan so I was using this book as a jumping off inspirational book of photography which Kyoichi Tsuzuki photographs make it breathtaking. The book is sectioned into different kinds of apartments, like, "Beauty in Chaos", "The Fancy Fetish", or "Kiddie Kingdoms" with a brief note about the person living in the apartment and what they do. Anyway I want to share a few of the photographs from this book which I highly recommend you add to your library.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Sunrise Mart Soho-Japan in New York

Since I wrote about Panya in my previous post I figure I can write about Sunrise Mart which is where I got my lunch today and it's a great Japanese supermarket, this is the Soho Branch. Sunrise has a couple of locations but this one has an eat-in seating section which is nice. This is a a small but real supermarket, you can get all your ingredients to make any Japanese meal. Of course there is all the fun candy and treats, they also carry Panya treats, like curry pan and yummy fluffy bread loafs, I bought one to make french toast!

There's a whole section were you can get hot take out or just take it to the eat-in section. The have Ramen noodles, in Shoyu (soy sauce), Miso, or Tonkatsu (pork). I got the Miso Ramen, that's usually my favorite and the safest bet anywhere.

In the hot food section you can get all sorts of Donburi (rice bowls). There's chicken katsu don, Tonkatsu don (pork) and shrimp don. Haven't tried theirs yet only Panya's and theirs is yummy.

You can also get the prerequisite onigiri (rice ball with filling) in many flavors. My favorites are the spicy tuna, tuna mayo, or plum, although I really have to be in the mood for these.

This packaging just had me rolling,it's the first thing saw when I walked in, What kinda spaghetti? huh?

I'm having a little crafty get together this weekend and I thought these party toothpicks would be fun. This is just some of the cute stuff they have there. Super cute animal toothpicks, but what's the brown guy a Squid? My favorite though is the faces toothpicks, there are some questionable emotions on some of the faces, and who really wants a dead guy face on their tea sandwich (is it a warning like the skull and crossbones on a poison bottle) or the weeping face (this food is so bad it made me cry, what? huh?)

Dinner at Panya-Japan in New York

Panya is one of my favorite Japanese comfort food restaurant and sweets bakery. They have everything delicious and cheap! Some of the savory treats from their kitchen are Chicken katsu don or sandwich, traditional Japanese Breakfast set, curry rice and many more yummy dishes.

You can pick up from the refrigerated section more yummy goodness, like onigiri, 4 kinds sandwich set (like the ones at a Lawson or 7 Eleven in Japan, sans the tonkatsu), sushi, salads, and bento boxes.

They have an amazing bakery section too, some of the treats I've tried and loved are the macaroons, the green tea and rose one are my favorites. I also love the green tea tiramisu, cream puff, and curry pan, I'm told the pear danish is outrageous! They have lots of beverages aside from coffee drinks

Aside from all those delights they have a small section where you can pick up dry goods like green tea cookies, big fluffy loaves of bread baked in-house, all sorts of chip-like snacks, pocky, wasabi peas and all sorts of candies and sweets.

This was my delicious Chicken Katsu sandwich for $6.50 plus an Oi-cha (green tea) $2.50 total of $9 for dinner pretty good deal and there are tables so you can have your meal or treat there.

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Thursday, January 20, 2011


I'm starting to post my crappy sketches that I do on the train and in restaurants, so here goes.
Not sure why the paper looks so yellow with white spots

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Nikon F3 Results- AWESOME!

I took my new Nikon out for a spin the other night to my friends' house for dinner, so I got to try it indoors at night and took some day shots indoors at home. Shot with Kodak 400 VC.

Ruffle Dreams- Earmuff tuorial

Yesterday and today were unusually crafty days at work, I got to hand sew these really fun earmuffs. Although one of them was really time consuming they were both relatively easy to make. All you need is a pair of earmuffs, nice new pair of socks, 1" ribbon about a 1 1/2yds, and about a 2yds of each of 3 or 4 different color tulle. You'll also need a needle, thread, scissors, and hot glue gun *optional*

For the earmuffs above cut 7 pieces of tulle about 4"in width and 1yd long. I did it in two colors, but you can do it in one or seven different colors that's up to you. Take each piece and fold like an accordion in a 2 inch width. Then sewn through the middle one stitch to hold pieces together and wind the thread twice around the middle and tighten and knot to finish. When you finish all seven pieces set them aside.

Now take your socks and cut them at the ankle so you just have the foot left, fit it over each earmuff side and fold and sew the tops closed.

Take the tulle puffs you've already sewn and sew or glue them to the earmuffs by the center part of the tulle where the thread is. This will naturally make the tulle pieces look more flower like. Plan out your pieces by sewing the middle piece first and working out from the middle.

When you are done with both earmuffs, take a piece of ribbon and glue an end to the inside of the headband of the earmuffs and start to wrap up the headband and back down to the other side. I like to put a dot of glue every couple of inches so the ribbon stays put. On the other side cut the ribbon so it finishes neatly where the earmuff meets the headband on the inside and glue it down. Voila you have a pair of crazy earmuffs!

For the flower earmuffs (below), the tulle is worked a little different you need to cut three pieces of tulle in three different sizes. The outer layer is about 2yds by 10 inches, folded in half, the long way, and sewn the whole way down the middle. Then pull the thread in the middle to shirr. Take the narrow ends and sew to form a closed puffy circle. Set aside.

Next you are going to make the second layer from the middle.Cut a piece 2yd long and 6-7 inches wide, gather like an accordion like the first earmuff and sew in the middle to hold the whole piece together. Take the outer layer, the first piece you made and lay it flat folding the circle so there are two layers of ruffle and it's still a circle with a hole in the middle. Take the second piece and glue it to the middle of the outer layer. Now take both pieces together and glue to earmuff sides. Last piece of flower take a small piece of tulle 3 inches by 15 inches, gather like an accordion again and sew in the middle. Fold it in half and glue to center of flower. Wrap headband of earmuffs with ribbon as the one above, then cut two pieces of ribbon of the same color and attach a bow on either side of the headband near the earmuff.