Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Art by the Sea, Day 4

Oh sweet Jesus! I woke up feelin' like a hell! Belly's not so good but went down to the organic hotel breakfast buffet stuffed face and came back to my room for a two hour nap! Between my belly and sarcardian rythm being off I needed to rest some more. Turned out well because it was pouring rain til late in the afternoon. So around 3:15 we set off to the Central Copenhagen station to get train tickets at the ticket counter, turns out you can by a roundtrio ticket and Museum pass for a reduced price there (176 kr).

We took the 45 min train towards Helsingor and got off at Humblecken and walked a few blocks checking out the cool Danish houses along the road. All the houses had intensely peak roofs we assume its so the snow does not accumalate in the winter and collapse their roofs.

We finally arrived at the Lousinana Museum it finally stopped raining, thank goodness because the sculpture gardens outside are spectacular with amazing views of the sea! We spent about 2 hours just laying in the sun absorbing the warm rays and smelling the cool breeze off the sea mixed with the smell of wild roses growing along the beach!!!

After our sun bath we had dinner on their huge patio, the food was really good I had roasted sirloin beef with seared tuna, mini parmasean potatoes, and delicious herb bread.

After our meal and a bit more of sun soaking we explored the museum and it did not disappoint. Between the architecture, the collection, the foliage and the sunset (@9 pm, museum is opened from 10am-11pm) it was an amazing experience! We saw Giacommetti, Henry Moore, Noguchi, Calder, Henry Heeper and many more.

The collection is a perfect size and not overwhelming like many museums.
We set out around 9:30pm, sun shining brightly train came right away we headed to our hotel. Got in around 10:30pm suns still out. We headed out for a beverage at Pate Pate a very hip tapas bar/ cafe on Sonder Blvd.

I had a rich hot chocolate some sparkling water and we shared som dates wrapped in bacon, yummy!

Then back to the hotel at midnight, since the place was closing. To bed again.

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