Thursday, June 24, 2010

Day 12-bicycle highways and cobblestone streets

Gotland is a large island with the greatest cycling system. After breakfast we rented bikes for the duration of our stay, we got a map that neither us could read so we just hopped on and went that-a-way.The bike lanes are just beautiful with grass fields, trees and wild flowers lining the paths also amazing ocean views.

About 4 miles later we ended up at Villa Villekulla, a Pippi Longstocking (native to Sweden) themed waterpark that look like a throwback to the catskills of yester year. We fought and peddled our way back to Visby (the city we are staying in).
Parked our bikes outside the hotel and went to a crepe restaurant.

On the way we stopped in at a home design store, Akantus, that had a lot of neat things, I bought a wool throw with a traditional Swedish pattern which has red and blue lines on a cream ground. I also got this cute little felted zipper purse with Gotland's symbol the sheep.

On to the creperie called Creperie and Logi, it sits on a hill so when you sit outside you have a view of the ocean

The menu

This was the sweet crepe, we both had a traditional french crepe with ham an cheese. After our delicious lunch we went to the Apotek because for the first time in my entire life I have a terrible toothache and I need something to numb it. On the way we met a very sweet furry friend named Elvis, he's a Sheltie who had two papilion brothers. At the pharmacy there was the pet meds shelf that I mentioned earlier

After the Apotek we went into another home design store GAD with a lot of furniture that looks like better quality Ikea, actually really nice stuff. Lots housewares and some clothing. Then off to dinner again, nothing special. And then a nice outdoor bar for a beverage and dessert.

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