Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Oh the light!!! Day 3

Oh my I never thought a combo of jetlag and extended daylight would do me in. I'm trying to recap my 3rd day in Copenhagen it's a bit of a blur as I sit in Cafe Flores having a Chai latte and some really weird nachos with capers the size of golf balls.
So lets see, today we ventured into Vesterbro which is part of the neighbor our hotel is located but a nicer part. Vesterbro by us is the red light district and I'm not kidding it's really RED and raunchy. Anyway if you walk a couple of blocks you will find yourself in a very nice part of the neighborhood. We walked on Istedgade to find Bang and Jensen for Brunch but when we got there we didn't love there uber hipster attitude and lesd than friendly staff so we high- tailed it out of there. We back-tracked to another place, Straeben, where you place your order at the counter and the very sweet waitress brings it out, we sat outside and enjoyed the passersby and sunny day.

Straeben outside

Straeben inside

After our brunch we wandered for a few hours the streets of Vesterbro and check out a couple of shops nothing too exciting I'm sad to say. We checked a supermarket also pretty amazing bakery in the front. Then we walked over to Sonder blvd for a nice respite in the park running down the middle of the boulevard to meet and greet some local dogs, which we were glad to see they do not doc the tails of those breeds that in the U.S. normally have their tails doc'd. The park on Sonder blvd ends at a round about with many lovely outdoor cafes which we'll try later on. We went back to our hotel for a bit then found an Apotek(pharmacy) for my partner who got a terrible cold on the plane. The Apotek is across the train station on Vesterbrogade and it's open 24 hrs, whew!!!

The we headed back on Vesterbrogade in search of dinner, we ended at a Vietnamese restaurant called Lele, we had a less than satifying meal, but I had a delicious local beer a Carlsberg Special, a double ale, soooo alki-holic!!!!!

Back to the hotel again and out again for a chai latte at Floras at 10pm and sun's just starting to set!!!

12:30pm Bedtime! Suns finally gone down but in 3 hour its up again! Holy moly! My sarcadian rythms out of whack! Tomorrow the Louisiana musuem!

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