Tuesday, August 12, 2014

RUUM Kid's wear Fall/Holiday Press Event

Awesome Kid's fashion brand Ruum American Kid's wear had a great Fall/Holiday preview at their press event at the Ace Hotel in NYC today. Adorable models Tristan and Tyler were on hand to strut their cute style. I've been fortunate enough to design kid's graphics with a great and creative group of people at Ruum this year. Really on-trend fashion for kids, with stores all over the U.S. and easy shopping online. RUUM KIDS WEAR RUUM KIDS WEAR RUUM KIDS WEAR RUUM KIDS WEAR RUUM KIDS WEAR RUUM KIDS WEAR RUUM KIDS WEAR RUUM KIDS WEAR

Kara Walker and Saying Good Bye to Domino

After of years of Brooklynites petitioning to save the Domino Sugar Factory it says a fond farewell with Kara Walker's wonderful and striking exhibit, "A Subtlety" or "The Marvelous Sugar Baby". Here a few shots from my visit:

JR15c02-R01-004A-cc JR15c02-R01-014A JR15c02-R01-016A JR15c02-R01-011A JR15c02-R01-007A JR15c02-R01-009A JR15c02-R01-008A JR15c02-R01-025A JR15c02-R01-013A JR15c02-R01-010A_CC

Wednesday, August 6, 2014


This a really cool designer out of the UK, Shrimps, that I wanted to share with you, look at the incredibly weird video that they made as part of there look book.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Watercolor prints on Etsy

Hi friends

I just posted two prints of my watercolor paintings up for sale on etsy shop Usagi Por Moi check it out here and here.