Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Colored houses, ships, and puppy dog tails. Day 5.

Nyhaven 2010

Today we had wanted to go to Malmo but Debra was feeling worse, so instead we opted to take a trip to Illum Bolinghus ( home store) and lovely Nyhaven. Started out the day with a nice organic breakfast at the hotel kitchen, tried to sit out on the garden patio to enjoy the warm sunny day but one of the proprietors of the organic kitchen was smoking all over me so I had to go sit inside.

Axel Guldsmenen hotel

After we talked to the guy at the reception desk and he scribbled something in Danish to give to a hot dog vendor in Nyhaven. We started our walk on Stroget, it seems like a lot people don't work during the day because it was packed.

Illum Bolinghus

We arrived at Illum Bolinghus and we went through the whole store in about 40 mins some amazing Danish furniture, like real Knolls and Saarinens. The housewares were also lovely but there was nothing there that we absolutely needed.

Saarinen table

Next stop, Bodum's flagship store, SURPRISE it doesn't exist anymore, much like the Dodo, so sad. We crossed the large round-about to the very touristed (and locals too) Nyhaven, which is what every tourist book has a picture of when you see Copenhagen. It's picturesque and crowded. We walked the length of the canal and pondered if we should eat a famed Danish hotdog with our note from our hotel dude or chance eating at one of the countless cafes. We took the chance and ate at Nyhaven Hereford, not the tastiest lunch, but we knew what we were getting into since we were in a touristed area.

Nyhaven Hereford

Then we went and hung out along the canal with our feet dangling over the water while we talked to 4 dogs hanging out in the boat below. Two naughty Welsh Cardigan Corgis and two other beautiful large dogs who were running the ship with their cranky old man master were running around barking, growling, and humping each other (well the Corgis were), oh and peeing all over the ship. They were highly entertaining to watch. Afterwards we made our way back to Stroget and ended at Europa in the square, where we had the most expensive Lipton ice tea and capaccino on my life $7 for the tea and $10 for the cap!!!!!

Most expensive tea ever!

Insane!!! So we headed back to the hotel and had a delicious dinner made by the chef Daniel who happens to be a native New Yorker like yours truly, and he makes the best meal I've had in Copenhagen!

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  1. i LOVE the day by day updates!!!! awesome!!!
    looks like you're having a great time. xoxo.