Monday, July 19, 2010

New Japanese mags!

Took a trip up to Kinokuniya last week to get a slew of Japanese mags. I bought two Fudge's, two Spoon's, one Nylon and one So-en. Love them all. So-en and Fudge have more high fashion, Spoon and Nylon have street fashion and mori girls. If you need info on any of the mags just leave me a comment or email me.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Sweet kitty Love! Two Kitties for Adoption*CROSS POST*

These two kids are the cat's meow. Robert and Selia are both young cats with super past drama. Robert is a young male probably about 2-3yrs old and was hit by a car and had to have surgery on his hip, now he's right as rain and a super lover deluxe!!! Robert wants to hang out with you, snuggle, get belly rubs and just give lots of sweet, sweet kitty love. He's interested in other animals but has not be tested yet, but we think he'll be ok with other cats. He really wants a home where he's paid a lot of attention and someone who won't leave him alone for too long.
More pics of Robert

Miss Selia, is 8mths old and was almost a mommy because her original owners thought it would be ok to let an unspayed female out for a midnight walk, apparently she had a one-night stand and well you know what happens next. So she's spayed and a happy, loving girl. Little Selia is petite, loves to give you licks and head butts to show her love even if you just met you. She just has issues with other cats, can you blame her she got knocked up with the only other cat she ever met! More pics of Selia
Selia and Robert are both up for adoption and are currently being fostered in Queens

To fill out an adoption application please follow this link to Linda's Feral Cat Assistance

If you have any questions about the kitties please feel free to leave a post.


Sunday, July 11, 2010

The new teeny residences

Inga and Björn in front Olaf in back

Meet Björn, Olaf and Inga, the 3 six week old kittens just newly arrived.
These little babies were born outdoors and were a surprise to the TNR folks who trapped their mom. Turns out when she was trapped they realized mommy was lactating so they went in search of her babies. After a couple of days these three sweeties were found and they were under a week old. Since then they were being fostered by my aunt but she has too many kitties so we are taking over for a bit and get these guys socialized.
First night the dogs were curious and the kittens weren't sure what to make of everything. Little Inga kept approaching Francie and hissing. Björn was exploring the top of the couch and kept poyncing on his brother and sister. And little Olaf had a tummy ache so he kept snuggling the pillow. Björn and Inga ate a little and the three passed out.



Björn & Inga


If you want to follow news about these guys and when they'll be ready for adoption check out my foster blog, Tiny Beast Town.
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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Life sucker

So this morning I found out a dear friend will find out from her doc, today, what type of skin cancer she has, in other words how bad it really is. This is making me so sad for my friend, she's had plenty to deal with in her life including losing a parent to cancer so this is a real punch in the gut. Out of frustration, anger and sadness I sketched a quick doodle on the train this morning of a strong, cool woman stomping and killing the sh*t out of cancer. This my hope that whatever the degree of illness my friend has,she's strong enough and beats it.

This young lady came to life on my couch last night while my partner and I tried to remain cool in this terrible New York heat wave. Debra is working on some illustrations for her agent so I decided I should start putting pencil to paper again if I want to have my portfolio grow and possibly get some work in what I really love to do and not work for a horrible corporation anymore. I still love doing the large head/small body proportions like my dolls.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Oh New York don't fail me now

It's a week since we got back from Sweden and Denmark and it's the first time in my life I can say wow I'm kinda done with my hometown. Don't get me wrong I love NYC it's in my blood, but I'm tired of being the townie in the none-stop rat race.
So since I got back I worked super long hours at work but that was expected, I've seen my friends and one member of my family, all good. Thursday afterwork my friends and I had some delicious ribs at Smoke Joint in Fort Greene and some tasty beers. Friday my coworker told me I didn't have to come in which was a pleasant surprise. With a day off I figured I get myself bavk on the crafting horse by coming into the city and check out upholestry fabric at Joe's fabrics on Delancey. I need to make covers for the cushions of my mid-century mod chair which I've been putting off forever. Debra and I poured over the swatch books and bolts of fabric nothing really appealed to the both of us so we decided to search online.

Across the street like a mirage in the desert we spy a Swedish flag, it was a miracle! It turned out it was White Slab a Swedish restaurant that was called Good World at another location further downtown where we use to go for drinks.

Now we know to order the potato pancake with caviar and all the other trimmings so of course we ate that plus a pickle plate, some breads including a cumin biscuit and some refreshing hefeweizen. We talked to our Swedish waitress and reminisced about Södermalm. Then some tipsy window shopping and back to Brooklyn to catch up with True Blood.
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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Day 18-Home again

We were sad to leave Scandinavia and we weren't looking forward to our 8 hour flight home or the 90+ degree weather waiting for us at home. But we was looking forward to seeing my dogs who we missed terribly.
The flight was kinda crappy and the landing almost killed us, literally. I had the single most frightened event happen to me yesterday, I was 95% sure I was going to die. When the plane started it's decent the turbulence was out of control and it appeared our landing gear wasn't too keen on working. It seemed at one point the plane was circling. People were screaming, throwing up, crying. No announcement came over the overhead speakers assuring us we were safe, we felt like we were falling and coming in fast, too fast. Now you might think I'm just being dramatic but no, I've been on 4 airplanes in the last 2 weeks and aside from a little turbulence all was smooth. We obviously landed in one piece, but I may never fly again, glad I went to Japan.
First day back, we got our dogs, Budda and Francie, back it was a joyful reunion for all. I unpacked like a crazy person, ate some pizza, jumped on the G train, then went to the dentist. As soon as you touch ground in NYC the insanity begins.
Next day. First day at work, it was not as bad as I expected, I did work 11 hours but I knew that was going to happen when I took a long vacation and deadlines were upon me when I returned. I feel like I stepped into an alternate reality.
Things I miss from Sweden and Denmark:
Civilized biking
Amazing architecture
Civility amongst people
No rude cell phone use
Efficient, clean, undercrowded transportation
Litter free
No Starbucks
No rat race
No crowds
No waiting for a table outside
Perfect weather
Dogs allowed everywhere

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