Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Testing out lenses

Hi folks. I'm sorry for the lack of updates, I've been laid up with migraines for 4 days, today is the first day I feel somewhat normal.I think the insane heat wave coupled with the pressure system made for some headache weather. Anywho, recently I rented a slew of lenses and flashes to test out for a wedding I'm shooting in a week and a half so these aren't mind blowing shots but it shows the beauty of the lenses used. I used all Canon lenses,2 primes, an EF 85mm f/1.2, 35mm f/1.4, and a zoom 24-70mm f/2.8.
IMG_3770 IMG_3796 IMG_3766 IMG_3675 IMG_3560 IMG_3538 IMG_3522 IMG_3451 IMG_3444 IMG_3439 IMG_3422 IMG_3384 IMG_3356

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Paper pretties- new and vintage finds

Yesterday after dropping off my camera equipment at Calumet, who BTW are amazing for rentals, I accidentally discovered a cake and baking goods wholesale/retail supplier on the same block. First thing I thought, DOILIES! It's a giant warehouse space filled with every baking need imaginable. They had pretty cupcake paper cups in every design. My favorites were the polka dots and gingham ,of course. I had to be mindful of my budget so I just got red with white polka dots, superior of the dot designs besides multi color dots as far as I'm concerned. I also had to make a choice of large or small, gold or white, doilies. Went with the mini white, I think I'll get more use out of them and they came in a higher count, 30ct. They also had these neat little popcorn boxes, hmmm what shall I make with them.

Awesome paper crafty finds
Saturday I spent the morning at the Brooklyn Flea and was very fortunate to find these lovelies. Vintage, unused, product labels. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I could find unused ones.
Vinatge labels Vinatge labels
Next up, I found this great paper house template at Muji last week, and I'm so excited to make one. I think this could be one of the ideas I pitch to my friend for her wedding.
Muji paper house template

The Weekend

This weekend my friend Dada and I went to try Va'beh's lunch. Va'beh serves Northern Italian cuisine with wonderful pasta dishes, chacuterie, salads, and daily specials. They also have an extensive wine list. I have gone many times to dinner which is always amazing so we figure lets try the new lunch menu. As usual their food and service is spectacular. I had a simple mozzarella and tomato sandwich with a glass of red wine and it was very delicious. The gracious hostess and owner Quianna gave us complimentary olives and olive oil herb bread for being regulars which is appreciated immensely. Lunch offering are paninis and pastas.

Va'beh Va'beh Va'beh Va'beh

After our meal while on our walk home I looked in the window at Makerbot to take some photos and a really nice gent offered for us to come in and take a look around and take pictures, Makerbot is huge loft studio in the Gowanus that houses small Makerbot 3D printers! Check out the link above to learn more about them. They also offer classes.

Makerbot Makerbot Makerbot Makerbot Makerbot

On Saturday my little man Mr. B. got freshly groomed and now can be snuggled on the bed again.

Mr B, freshly groomed
getting there: Va'beh 446 A Dean St Brooklyn, NY 11217 Take the 2 or 3 to Bergen St B,Q,D,or N to Atlantic Ave/Pacific St Makerbot 87 3rd Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11217 (718) 522-4803 Take B,Q,D,or N to Atlantic Ave/Pacific St

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tokyo Living

Someone once asked me if I was living in Tokyo when I was there last or was I there on holiday (that's vacation to us Americans). Well I thought about that question because I felt like I was living there even though it was for a short period. I spent a better part of my childhood moving a lot, sometimes only living for a week in the same apartment and having to pack up all over again, furniture and all. So as an adult I have certain parameters to define living in a place, length of time not really mattering only my routine. While in my Tokyo apartment I pretty much did everything I do living in my Brooklyn Apartment here's a little (long) photo narrative....

I folded up my futon after waking. Tokyo living
I did my laundry. Yes everyday, unfortunately. Tokyo living
I freshened the bedding. Tokyo living
I looked out my apartment window to admire the view Tokyo living
  I locked my apartment door before heading out Tokyo living  
I coveted my neighbor's garden Tokyo living
I picked up breakfast when I didn't feel like having toast and eggs, again. Tokyo living
I saw my favorite corner at the bottom of my hill. Tokyo living
  I went food and supply shopping at the local supermarket. Tokyo living I walked to the train station. Tokyo living On the way to the train station I wrestled with riding a bike in the freezing cold, the train won as usual. Tokyo living I passed the local pet store. Tokyo living
  I picked up a maatcha latte right before getting to the train station. Tokyo living
  I molested a dog on the way to the train.
  Tokyo living
  I sketched. Tokyo living
I went out to photograph the nearby neighborhoods. Tokyo living
I pondered what this storefront held inside every day on the way to the the train. Tokyo living
I regretted not buying that cute thing I could have used. Tokyo living
I had lunch. Tokyo living
I bought a yummy pastry after lunch. Tokyo living
  I picked up some crafty supplies. Tokyo living
I had a beer. Tokyo living
I molested a pack of wild chihuahuas. Tokyo living
  I checked out my favorite vintage store. Tokyo living
I rode the train home. Tokyo living
  I checked out my favorite local clothing and accessories stores. Tokyo living
I cooked a crappy meal in my sad little Japanese kitchen. Tokyo living I went out for dinner because I didn't want to eat a crappy meal. Tokyo living
I molested the neighborhood kitty. Tokyo living
I coveted my neighbor's house Tokyo living
  I had another delicious craft beer at the local Taproom. Tokyo living

OH! I paid rent and took out the trash. Yep, seems like a was living there.