Monday, November 18, 2013

This weekend on Instagram

Instagram grid
1. Ping Pong at Brooklyn Night Market, Greenpoint. 2. Van Leewen, Greenpoint. 3. At home, cozy with warm beverages and crochet. 4. Practicing for the maker faire, Bust Holiday Craftacular. 5. Brooklyn Night Market, Main vendor area, Greenpoint. 6. Hoola Hoop vendor, Night Market, Greenpoint. 7. Alley way on Lafayette street, NYC. 8. Corner of Great Jones and Lafayette, NYC. 9. Old School grafitti on Bond Street, NYC.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

The little elves are working hard

The little elves are working their fingers to the bones making stuff for the Craftacular. Well there's only one elf, moi, and my little fingers are working feverishly to make all sorts of good stuff for the Bust Craftacular. Here's a peek: Usagi por moi-nightbird bag usagi por moi usagi por moi usagi por moi usagi por moi usagi por moi usagi por moi 1.Margot: nightbird cross body leather bag 2. Polka-dot leather bow ring 3. Rabbit leather belt ring 4. Vintage suitcases for my display 5. Curly cozy pom pom collars & peter pan collars. 6. Alice: little fox cross body bag 7. Pearl: Leather crochet wallet.
Come by December 15th at the Metropolitan Pavilion.