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Day 10, Make it Last- Day 5 in Stockholm-Part 1

10pm Monday night

Today was our last full day in Stockholm and we ate very sad that we couldn't change our plans because the airline wanted an additional $400 plus from each of us plus the hotel was going to be a small fortune so we will not be returning to this fair city. Tomorrow we are off to Gotland a lovely island off the Swedish coast, just finished.
I didn't sleep last night the sun going down at midnight and coming up at 2:30am really messes with your head. So this morning was a hard start and my partner was kind enough to make all the phone calls to attempt to change our reservations to stay in Stockholm which you already know didn't work out. Got breakfast at the Rival cafe which was pretty awesome for 109 sek (about $16), greek yoghurt with walnuts and honey, 3 min egg, slices of cheese, giant scone, jam & butter, a piece of fruit( I got a banana), mini tube of caviar, orange juice, & tea.

Debra met me and we went shopping, I finally got my clogs!!! I'll post them when I wear them also bought a silk/cotton scarf and a cute tiny embroidered bag.

We stopped in at Blooms again and got delicious cardamon buns and a chai latte as an afternoon snack. The cafes have ground cardamon to put in your chai or coffe. Debra tried on some dresses in a couple of a shops, they have a lot of linen clothing oddly enough.

We went into a fabric store,Tygverket, and I wasn't impressed for the prices, you couldn't find hardly any fabrics for under 395 sek/meter ($50). Some of the prints were nice and they had Liberty but also $50/ meter.

We needed to go into a pharmacy which they call an Apotek here and we found a few interesting items

These sat alongside your run of the mill products like toothpaste.
Stockholm's a pretty easy going city when it comes to sex, there's a free to be you and me attitude and Debra found out that when you turn 15 years old there's a law that says "you're in charge of your pants!"
After our shopping we went for lunch, at 5pm, to Pelican another traditional Swedish food pub.

I had the Pytti-i-Pana, which is a beef hash with a fried egg and a side of pickled beets. Debra had more pickled herring and Grubba which is an anchovy egg salad.

We started off to a nearby park and we cane across this in the window of a maternity store

Don't think you'll ever see a logo like that in the States unless it's followed by XXX.
We got to a park not the park we were looking for and decided to hang out for a bit in the sun. It was a small park but hilly and trash free. Lots of twenty-something year olds drinking and frolicking.

After the park we headed to Mosebacke the outdoors bar/ restaurant that sits at the top of Sodermalm with some of the most amazing views of the city.

Mosebacke entrance

Moseback courtyard

It's 9:45 pm so we decided to go in search of dinner again. We can't seem to get on a regular eating and sleep schedule, the sun dupes us into thinking it's much earlier than what it really is. It definitely let's you have some guilt-free sleep-ins, and if you have limited time here you can pack a lot into a day.

On our way to find food we stop at the Katrina Hiss(hiss means elevator) which was built in the 1800's then rebuilt in the 1920's. This is a amazing overpass with a lift plus there's a bar, some of the best view of the city.

We went to a delicious meal at Sjōgrās (means seaweed, but not a seafood place. We both had the Risotto with asparagus, parmasean and a circulated egg of 64 degrees, yummy!!

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