Monday, May 9, 2011

MT Tape+Stamps+Paint= Cute Hand Towels!

I wanted to make cute hand towels for our second bathroom since it's used by guests a lot. I decided to got two pieces of linen and set myself up on my cutting mat. I used masking tape (not the pretty MT for this one just plain stuff), fabric paints, a sweet little font stamp set, plus a cute squirrel stamp that I bought in Japan. Other supplies I used were, an Exacto-knife, some thin cardboard, small paintbrush and a paint tray. When using the fabric paint don't water it down. I first taped up shapes that I wanted and left the empty spaces on the piece of linen and with a brush painted the space always away from the tape (but you can paint over the tape). For the letters I brushed on a thin layer of paint to each letter and then pressed to the fabric firmly. I did the same with the squirrel stamp. For over shapes like a cross I used a cut-out that I made from cardboard using the Exacto-knife. You can remove the tape pretty much about 2 minutes after painting. Last step is after everything is fully dry turn the towel with the work facing down and iron depending on the fabric paint instructions and the type of fabric you used. This sets the paint. I still need to sew the edges.

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