Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Coney Island pre-crowds

These are some shots with the Hipstamatic at Coney Island, the 35mm rolls are coming soon....

It was pretty quiet in Coney Island last Thursday. It was a bit chilly for the beach but it was perfect because there were hardly any people and the ocean was beautiful. Coney Island, in theory isn't very far away from where I live but taking the train that goes local, it's about 40mins. I was sad when I got there because a lot of the beautiful signs and old buildings were torn down to make room for new stuff. Many New Yorkers fought the city selling the property to developers but we lost. Astroland is gone and a new amusement park has taken it's place, luckily they kept the Cyclone (rollercoaster) which is a piece of New York history. The boardwalk looks pretty much the same but I'm sure they will be tearing some of that out soon enough. The shots of the hand painted signs are much like the ones torn down from all the amusement park game stalls. The garbage cans on the boardwalk are all hand painted by children encouraging passersby to not be litterbugs. There's also some wonderful artwork on the construction site panels, I hope they keep them after they finished the project. Lots of seagulls and amazing waves. Can't wait to go back :)

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