Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Monday Madness Japanese Style

Monday, I headed first to drop off my rolls of film from the Sakura festival so I will have more pics at the end of the week of this amazing event. Next stop was Kinokuniya to place an order for a graphic design book by MDN, Paper and Linen, which I should be getting in about 2 weeks. While I was there, I couldn't stop thinking about the Travel Scrapbook, paper crafting book I saw last week, so I picked that one and another stationery book up, Self-made Stationery-Handmade Goods for Myself.

After Kinokuniya, I headed off to Edgewater, New Jersey to Mitsuwa marketplace, an awesome Japanese shopping center with a massive food court of varying Japanese delights! I was all set to photograph my little heart away and brought my digital SLR when only 5 minuts into taking pictures I was told I needed to get permission from customer service to take pictures. The gentlemen behind the customer service desk very politely asked me what I was planning to do with the photos, I said I write a blog and I'm a photographer, so it's for personal use. He told me that they cannot allow pictures for internet or other publication use. This is just weird, why wouldn't you want free publicity. Luckily I have an Iphone so sneaky pics were shot, hehe.
I started by ordering a Tonkatsu ranchu setu (breaded pork loin lunch set). It came with a little bowl of curry and rice, pickles, miso soup, and the main dish, a giant panko crusted pork loin with a heaping pile of shredded cabbage. I squirted the appropriate sauces on all and went to find a seat with a river view. They have free teas and lemon water near the seating area. After eating I was off to go shopping for some sake and treats. The supermarket is huge! There is also a St. Honore bakery which you find all over Japan. Plus a delicious bean or cream-yaki stand. In the rest of the market area outside is Sanseido book store, like a mini Kinokuniya with Japanese books, mags, stationery and video rentals. Next to the book store there is another store that carries traditional stuff like tea sets, futons, yukatas, also there's a novelty section with modern toys, bags, and school supplies with San-x characters on them. It's super easy getting here from the city, there's shuttle at the 42nd street Port Authority that will drop you right at Mitsuwa.

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