Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tokyo: A Certain Style

Tokyo: A Certain Style, by Kyoichi Tsuzuki, I've had this book for about 6 years when my partner told my sister that I loved this book and didn't have it, so my sister gave it to me for my birthday. I have poured over the pages a million times since. Recently, I pulled it out for three reasons to look at the small spaces especially those apartments that are tatami style apartments since I will be one of those people soon enough and wanted to get some temporary decor tips. Then the second reason is I find that I enjoy sketching things and rooms much more than I use to when I was younger so this is a perfect book to sketch from, just to get my hand moving. Lastly, I am planning to build my photography portfolio in Japan so I was using this book as a jumping off inspirational book of photography which Kyoichi Tsuzuki photographs make it breathtaking. The book is sectioned into different kinds of apartments, like, "Beauty in Chaos", "The Fancy Fetish", or "Kiddie Kingdoms" with a brief note about the person living in the apartment and what they do. Anyway I want to share a few of the photographs from this book which I highly recommend you add to your library.

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