Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ruffle Dreams- Earmuff tuorial

Yesterday and today were unusually crafty days at work, I got to hand sew these really fun earmuffs. Although one of them was really time consuming they were both relatively easy to make. All you need is a pair of earmuffs, nice new pair of socks, 1" ribbon about a 1 1/2yds, and about a 2yds of each of 3 or 4 different color tulle. You'll also need a needle, thread, scissors, and hot glue gun *optional*

For the earmuffs above cut 7 pieces of tulle about 4"in width and 1yd long. I did it in two colors, but you can do it in one or seven different colors that's up to you. Take each piece and fold like an accordion in a 2 inch width. Then sewn through the middle one stitch to hold pieces together and wind the thread twice around the middle and tighten and knot to finish. When you finish all seven pieces set them aside.

Now take your socks and cut them at the ankle so you just have the foot left, fit it over each earmuff side and fold and sew the tops closed.

Take the tulle puffs you've already sewn and sew or glue them to the earmuffs by the center part of the tulle where the thread is. This will naturally make the tulle pieces look more flower like. Plan out your pieces by sewing the middle piece first and working out from the middle.

When you are done with both earmuffs, take a piece of ribbon and glue an end to the inside of the headband of the earmuffs and start to wrap up the headband and back down to the other side. I like to put a dot of glue every couple of inches so the ribbon stays put. On the other side cut the ribbon so it finishes neatly where the earmuff meets the headband on the inside and glue it down. Voila you have a pair of crazy earmuffs!

For the flower earmuffs (below), the tulle is worked a little different you need to cut three pieces of tulle in three different sizes. The outer layer is about 2yds by 10 inches, folded in half, the long way, and sewn the whole way down the middle. Then pull the thread in the middle to shirr. Take the narrow ends and sew to form a closed puffy circle. Set aside.

Next you are going to make the second layer from the middle.Cut a piece 2yd long and 6-7 inches wide, gather like an accordion like the first earmuff and sew in the middle to hold the whole piece together. Take the outer layer, the first piece you made and lay it flat folding the circle so there are two layers of ruffle and it's still a circle with a hole in the middle. Take the second piece and glue it to the middle of the outer layer. Now take both pieces together and glue to earmuff sides. Last piece of flower take a small piece of tulle 3 inches by 15 inches, gather like an accordion again and sew in the middle. Fold it in half and glue to center of flower. Wrap headband of earmuffs with ribbon as the one above, then cut two pieces of ribbon of the same color and attach a bow on either side of the headband near the earmuff.

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