Friday, January 21, 2011

Sunrise Mart Soho-Japan in New York

Since I wrote about Panya in my previous post I figure I can write about Sunrise Mart which is where I got my lunch today and it's a great Japanese supermarket, this is the Soho Branch. Sunrise has a couple of locations but this one has an eat-in seating section which is nice. This is a a small but real supermarket, you can get all your ingredients to make any Japanese meal. Of course there is all the fun candy and treats, they also carry Panya treats, like curry pan and yummy fluffy bread loafs, I bought one to make french toast!

There's a whole section were you can get hot take out or just take it to the eat-in section. The have Ramen noodles, in Shoyu (soy sauce), Miso, or Tonkatsu (pork). I got the Miso Ramen, that's usually my favorite and the safest bet anywhere.

In the hot food section you can get all sorts of Donburi (rice bowls). There's chicken katsu don, Tonkatsu don (pork) and shrimp don. Haven't tried theirs yet only Panya's and theirs is yummy.

You can also get the prerequisite onigiri (rice ball with filling) in many flavors. My favorites are the spicy tuna, tuna mayo, or plum, although I really have to be in the mood for these.

This packaging just had me rolling,it's the first thing saw when I walked in, What kinda spaghetti? huh?

I'm having a little crafty get together this weekend and I thought these party toothpicks would be fun. This is just some of the cute stuff they have there. Super cute animal toothpicks, but what's the brown guy a Squid? My favorite though is the faces toothpicks, there are some questionable emotions on some of the faces, and who really wants a dead guy face on their tea sandwich (is it a warning like the skull and crossbones on a poison bottle) or the weeping face (this food is so bad it made me cry, what? huh?)


  1. hello ms crafty love - I've been enjoying some of your posts : ) The bown guy (toothpick) is a tree trunk - so whatever you put on top will be on the tree :)

  2., you totally solved that mystery! I totally see that he's a little tree trunk now. Thanks so much :)