Wednesday, January 12, 2011

All set for Japan

Bonill/ Nill Style Cafe, Nakameguro

Yay! I have my plane ticket and today I confirmed my apartment in Nakameguro, a super cute neighborhood in Tokyo! I'm staying in a Japanese style apartment with Tatami mats and futon.

Luckily, I'll have a washer in my apartment but no dryer. Have to figure that out, guess I can buy a small clothes line. The train station is about 7 minutes away according to Sakura House, the agency that helps foreigners with rental apartments and guesthouses. It's going to be weird living by myself, no partner and no dogs, kinda a little sad, but I know its just a month. I leave March 1st the day after my birthday.
Nakameguro is filled with super cute stores, cafes, and music venues. The area is known for its vintage stores and hipster residents. Its like Williamsburg but without the toxic waste and better train line. The pics of the area are from my last trip in 2008.

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