Friday, January 21, 2011

Dinner at Panya-Japan in New York

Panya is one of my favorite Japanese comfort food restaurant and sweets bakery. They have everything delicious and cheap! Some of the savory treats from their kitchen are Chicken katsu don or sandwich, traditional Japanese Breakfast set, curry rice and many more yummy dishes.

You can pick up from the refrigerated section more yummy goodness, like onigiri, 4 kinds sandwich set (like the ones at a Lawson or 7 Eleven in Japan, sans the tonkatsu), sushi, salads, and bento boxes.

They have an amazing bakery section too, some of the treats I've tried and loved are the macaroons, the green tea and rose one are my favorites. I also love the green tea tiramisu, cream puff, and curry pan, I'm told the pear danish is outrageous! They have lots of beverages aside from coffee drinks

Aside from all those delights they have a small section where you can pick up dry goods like green tea cookies, big fluffy loaves of bread baked in-house, all sorts of chip-like snacks, pocky, wasabi peas and all sorts of candies and sweets.

This was my delicious Chicken Katsu sandwich for $6.50 plus an Oi-cha (green tea) $2.50 total of $9 for dinner pretty good deal and there are tables so you can have your meal or treat there.

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