Monday, January 17, 2011

Ramen Monday

Martin Luther King DAY OFF! YES! I love a holiday, and there's nothing like a holiday sandwiched in my last two weeks working at my current full-time gig. 9 days to freedom. On my day off I went to Chelsea Photographic to drop off my first roll of film from my new vintage Nikon F3HP *cross your fingers that it works*, then I went to H&M and bought a whole new wardrobe for my trip to Japan and Spring. Lots of cute stuff at H&M, thank goodness they have been lacking for the last few seasons on pretty feminine clothes. After all that shopping I was hungry so I went to one of my favorite ramen places, Takumi Ramen, and I had a very oy-shi! (delicious) miso ramen. Then back home to walk my two fuzzy dogs and work on trying to scan a large piece of artwork.

These are just random pics of things that I love in my bedroom. I bought the little ceramic dog in Shimokitazawa (Japan),the pillows are from a store in Stockholm, the fuzzy panda is from a vintage store in Brooklyn, Deluxa, at 187 Sackett st.

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