Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Montreal: Part 1

Hi Folks, sorry for the hiatus. I was in Montreal last week, shooting a friend's wedding on the weekend and the week before I was dealing with a crisis with one of my dogs which I will post separately because it's something all dog owners should know. D, and I were in Montreal for a few days we really loved it. We rode bikes, ate a lot, walked around, appreciated the architecture, saw Cirque de Soleil! I just dropped off three rolls of film which I will post later in the week when I get them back, for now you'll have to settle for some hipstamatic prints.

  Our hood, the Le Plateau Montreal
Sortie! Sherbrooke station Montreal
home away from home, The Sherbrooke, cool apartment building. Montreal
Jean Talon Marché (above and below) Montreal
Pullman, winebar, sadly the view across the street of homeless folks sleeping. Montreal
Port by Habitat 67 Montreal
Habitat 67, an amazing architectural housing project from the late 60's conceived by Moshe Safdie Montreal
the tents at Cirque de Soleil on a cloudy Monday when it was closed, we went the last night we were in Montreal, it was lovely. Montreal
Le Cartet, a wonderful restaurant open for lunch and breakfast, then after 3pm you can pick up pre-made food from their kitchen in their mini mart upfront and seat yourself to eat, it was my favorite place, just a block from Old Montreal Montreal
Bixi bikes! Best way to get around Montreal if it's not freezing. It's a great city bike program, where you can purchase time on a bike. You can rent for 24hrs, 48hrs, or 72 hrs. You need a credit card and there's $250CD deposit. During the 24hr period you can use the bikes unlimited number of times but you can only have it out for 30 mins at a time. This may seem like a problem but it's not because there's a bike station pretty much every three blocks and you just need to wait 2 minutes between checking your bike in and taking another. We found that there were many places that the train wasn't near or bus and jumping on a bike was so much easier, especially with so many dedicated bike lanes. Montreal
This was so cool to see artwork covering entire sides of buildings, this one is on Duluth Av, in the Plateau area Montreal
Yummmm.. Schwatrz' deli was amazing, first meal we had there. $6.90CD for a small smoke meat sandwich. Get it part lean and part fat. All lean is too dry. Montreal
Schwartz' counter Montreal This was a freaky kids tv show in Montreal all in French, a little like Planet of the Apes ;)

More info on Montreal and places to eat and go to when I get my rolls of film back at the end of the week.

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