Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My Boy is Deaf

Budda I'm super sad because my almost 12 year old dog (Coton De Tulear), Budda, has had complete hearing loss resulting from a erroneously prescribed ear medication, Tri-Otic. I was never given informed consent by the vet who prescribed it, that the warning label very clearly states that it has been proven that geriatric and sensitive dogs can have hearing loss if this medication is used. Budda is both geriatric and sensitive to medications. I trusted the vet to give my dog something safe to help with the mild ear infection he was having instead she helped to cause possible irreparable damage. I have to patiently wait (biting my nails) to see if my dog's hearing returns in 3-7 weeks, there's no way of telling if it will come back. The only thing that I'm happy for is that he doesn't seem to be upset, he seems really happy and playful regardless of the hearing loss. I just want all dog owners to be aware of the very big possibility of your dog going deaf from a very widely used medication, Tri-Otic also another brand is Otomax. Ask for an alternative medicine, there is one. After I called the vet's office to followup when I realized something was wrong I was prescribed a new medication. Budda wasn't responding when called, didn't know where I was in the apartment, and couldn't be awakened unless shook, my regular vet told me that the medicine I was given has been proven to cause hearing loss and that there's an alternative that could be mixed by the vet's pharmacy. Budda has been on the new meds for almost two weeks, his hearing hasn't returned, although sometimes it seems like he may be starting to hear little bits, like the sound ahhhh, a short a sound. Keep your fingers crossed and if you pray keep him in your prayers.


  1. Oh my! I'm so sorry~ he's such a cutie, I hope his hearing comes back!

  2. Aw, I'm so sorry to hear about Budda's hearing! That's especially upsetting because it wouldn't have happened if the vet had been a tad bit more cautious. :( I hope his hearing returns soon!

    1. Thanks Sewon. Yes! I'm so mad about that but I'm trying to be calm about it so Budda doesn't pick up on my bad feelings.

  3. OW! Im so sorry to hear this! Im sending good doggie vibes! Its scary and makes it difficult to trust vets! :( x