Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Summer Quilt

Right before my migraines kicked in a couple of weeks ago I started this summer quilt with Nani Iro fabric. I had a whole bolt of it from when I was selling fabric so I started to think what I should make. Along came a lovely post on the Purlbee, a source of great inspiration,a lap duvet. I never heard of a lap duvet, turns out its lap quilt. I changed the measurements to suit my needs, I wanted something to cover my whole self when sleeping but not take up to much room put away. The pattern also calls for machine tacks every seven inches but I decided it would be prettier to tack by hand with a simple embroidery knot. I used a dark pink and a light aqua to match the watercolor flowers on the Nani Iro print. The quilt itself pre-embroidery knots took maybe an hour or less, the knots took a few hours. If you are pressed for time go the sewing machine tack route. quilt quilt

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