Wednesday, June 13, 2012

International Paper Love Swap

My lovely blog friend, Kelly Zarb was cool enough to start a wonderful paper swap. Basically you gather bits of paper goods, like stationery, stamps, bus tickets, stickers, what-have-you, throw it in and envelope, add a a little note to your paper swap buddy. Decorate the envelope, then run to the post and say bon voyage. I joined the paper swap. I'm swapping papers with Emily (memtree) of consciousness collection. I added an envelope of home made, found, and store bought stickers, origami paper bits, pretty stationery, greeting cards, a special bag of lace and trims (I know that's not paper but it can add so much to a collage, greeting card, or gift wrap), and few other things. Hope you enjoy it Em :) PAPER GOODS PAPER GOODS


  1. Oh WOW! Im doing this too! Yours looks lovely! x

  2. Awesome jannese I love the decorations on your envelope Em will love that!!

  3. Is this over or still going on? I would like to get involved but looking at Kelly's blog I get the feeling it is over.

    If so, do you know if she will start a swap #2?

    Thanks so much!

    Audra Majors

    1. hey Audra. This one is over but Kelly might do others in the future, just keep checking back on her blog