Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Trouble in Tribeca

We just moved into our new offices in Tribeca, the company that I work for that is. There have been some pros and cons, but I'm going to discuss the pros right now since I'm sick of being in a crappy mood. Biggest pro has been moving out of Chelsea and into Tribeca which is one of my favorite neighborhoods.

There's still many a gallery

Then there's my go-to crafty store, P&S Fabrics, were I was lured in by the yarn. The front of the store is fillef with trims.

The rest of the store is notions, fabrics, yarns, and knitting and crochet accessories. Pretty sweet!

Some of the roving yarn I was looking at. Didn't get this color but I may have to go back for it.

Cool projects by kids at a very expensive daycare and lots of great crafty goodness.

I'll show you my purchases tomorrow.
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