Friday, October 15, 2010

Long Island, really?

I have not posted in a while because my day job practically killed me last week. I was working long hours, getting home by 9 or 10 in the evening, and to top it off our office had to pack for a move. The over exhaustion helped to give me a terrible cold and throw out my back. My partner and I had planned a weekend getaway to relieve some of the stress and exhaustion so we headed to Greenport, in southern Long Island! Omg! LONG ISLAND! Last place I would ever think would be nice, but I was proven wrong. We stayed at a beautiful B&B, Fordham house, on Main sreet. The house was meticulously kept with attention to details and New England feel. The proprietor was a very nice and attentive older woman who made a lovely breakfast every morning with elegant place settings. I unfortunately was feeling like hell the whole time, buy we manage to visit a winery at Schinn Vineyards since Greenport is wine country and very pretty. We had amazing weather so we lucked out. The first evening we were there we tried out Claudio's, on the water, the oldest family owned restaurant in NY state. It was surf and turf family style place. Real old school decor and food. I had a massive marinated steak and Debra had the chef's special seafood tureen. Both were delicious.

We also visited Shelter Island which is about 5 minutes from where we staying and a relaxing ferry ride away. We went to Wades beach and it was serene, granted it was off season but it was amazing. The beach was super clean and only two peope and a couple of dogs. Best beach trip ever.

Mina enjoyed Shelter Island too ;)
Figured I could bring a doll on this trip since we didn't have to have bags checked. Poor June Bug went all the way to Scandinavia and never made it out of the room. Anywho, we left Shelter Island pretty quickly after the beach since it was lunch time and the restaurants didn't have a lot to offer.

Back to Greenport,(Debra on the ferry looking very pretty)for lunch. We stopped at Eric's on County rd. It was written up in Edible Brooklyn but it was just okay nothing you need to drive out of the way for.

Unlike Eric's, Noah's on Main street, was really delicious and expensive. We had a squash blossom stuffed with goat cheese and herbs plus it was battered in tempura, amazing!

On the way home we stopped at Sang Lee organic farm and bought a ton of beautiful heirloom tomatoes and other yummy veggies. Definitely a must stop. Then we stopped at Briermare farm stand were there are insane lines to buy their fresh baked pies. We bought a strawberry and rhubarb pie an pumpkin for ourselves and friends watching our pets. Pretty yummy indeed.

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