Monday, October 25, 2010

Minifee madness

I recently "adopted" a Fairyland Minifee Miyu a la carte. I ordered her about a month ago so I probably won't see her until December. Yesterday I pulled out an Unoa hoodie pattern from a Dolly Dolly mook. I'm hoping it will fit my minifee since the hoodie is a baggy style and not fitted. I'm more concerned with the cuff openings especially since the hoodie in the pic is a knit and

I'm using corduroy which has no give. I figure I can always pop off her hands to get it through. I picked a rich navy baby wale cord, one of my absolute favorites from my cords.
I also cut a grey knit sleeveless top. I still need to enlarge a leggings pattern to make a matching pair to the top. Figure anything knit or baggy will probably fit. I already have some shoes and a wig for her. I so excited for her arrival! I will post pics of the finished hoodie and top as soon as I'm done with them.

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