Thursday, October 21, 2010

Clean bowls and dirty secrets

I got my glazed and fired ceramics back yesterday and I was impressed by how they came out. Some I don't love but will be happy to use them none-the-less, because I made them. Glazing was a weird process because depending the angles you dip or how quickly you pull out make such difference. Also the colors in their pre-fired version don't look like anything like the finished product. So here they are.

So that's it!
Anyway will post pics of my new crafty stash later today. And the dirty secrets I speak of is that our move to the new offices has made all my life a living hell. My back is exposed to everyone passing by so my monitor can be seen, you know what that means. Thank God for the Iphone! We now have to collect and sort our own garbage, I wouldn't complain about if it wasn't for the fact that everyone works 10-12 hr days. Anyway this blog is not for bitching about work. So for now, adieu!

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