Sunday, October 17, 2010

Nobody's Fool

"Ghost" by Yoshitomo Nara

My long weekend started with my last ceramics class which I got to glaze my pottery. Pretty exciting and exhausting. This time around
my teacher was Mako, Lisa's mom. She was incredibly sweet but the language barrier really became a bit like Lost in Translation. First I waxed the bottom of all the ceramics pieces then I chose my colors from the sample tiles. Mako then should us (me and another student), how to mix all the glazes properly because all the minerals become sediment and have to be thoroughly mixed to insure the correct color.

These are some of the colors I used. Below is the wall chart of glaze color combos.

Some of pieces ready for dipping and spraying.

After mixing each color that I would use I began dipping. I learned slow dips create light colors and quick dips make darker richer colors.

I also learned to create pattern with dips like the teacup above and the tea bowl below.

On friday my pup turned 10 yo we celebrated and he, Francie,and Bjorn hung out and snuggled.

That night Debra and I went for sushi.

Next morning on Saturday a friend, Dada, and I went to the Asia Society museum to see the amazing Yoshitomo Nara show. It's the largest collection of his work I have seen and there's a pretty extensive amount of installations. I would totally go again. I was inspired to draw and paint but unfortunately my studio was a mess and I couldn't start anything. I bought the Nara myseum collection book, titled "Nobody's Fool", same as the show. I never by a musuem book but the show was too good to not have the book. I will post some pics of the book and pamplet later. I was only able to sneak this pic in aside from the "Ghost" the sculpture outside on park ave.

Today my mom and dad visited us in Brooklyn so we took them for lunch and for a walk in Brooklyn Bridge park, it was beautiful out and they enjoyed themselves. Good weekend!!!

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