Monday, August 30, 2010

Summer endings

After my Kinokuniya excursion my partner and I continued my Japanese themed day, we went for a delicious dinner at Geido in Prospect Heights. I had a yummy bowl of chicken katsu, total comfort food.

The next morning I got up early, as per usual, to walk the dogs and I figured if I up anyway I should take my bike out and head over to Governor's Island. I got ready super fast and had some french bread with fig jam and cheddar for breakfast then jumped on my bike and headed for pier 6 towards the ferry. Got there at 10:15am and I was disappointed to find out the first ferry was at 11am, that wasn't going to work because I was taking Budda for his grooming appointment at 12:30pm. I decided to troll around my bike and check out the new Brooklyn Bridge Park. My first reaction was, WOW! I can't believe how amazing a job they did. It has two beautiful lawns on a hills, lot of new trees, a kayaking area and just spectacular seating on the waterfront with views of downtown Manhattan. I spent about an hour just enjoying the breeze and sun by the water on a green lawn, so sweet!

Then back on my bike to get my dog from my apartment and drove him over to Yukino to give him the cutest haicut ever! While he was getting groomed I went back to grab my bike then headed over to pier 6 again and to the park.

The sun and the crowds were a little too intense for me so I pedaled over into Red Hook towards Ikea. I trolled around the Ikea waterfront park then I stupidly went into Ikea. I say stupidly because the mass of people killed my bike troll buzz.

Sunday Debra and I had a sad morning because we had to part with one of our fosters, little Inga. Her new parents came to pick her up and it was a bittersweet parting. We know her new home is going to be really great but its sad to say goodbye.
After saying our goodbyes we rode our bikes into Williamsburg to get brunch at Dresslers. It was really yummy but very pricey. We jumped back on our bikes and went into Greenpoint had a beverage at a nicely ac'd bar and back into the scorching heat pedaling quickly back home as our skin began to sizzle from the 93 degree heat.


Dressler die-cut chairs

Little Bjorn snoozing later that eve.

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