Monday, August 23, 2010

A Girl and a Dress

self-portrait ©2010

I finally got my pattern books out and picked a dress to make with the Nani Iro fabric I bought to sell ( no worries I have plenty for sale) on etsy.
I found all the pieces of the pattern which can always prove to be a challenge with Japanese patterns luckily there were only 5 pieces. I got out my pattern tracing paper and permanent skinny markers and traced the pattern, then cut it. Now I'm ready for the fabric but I had to take a True blood break with my partner and furry babies.

stylish dress book isbn978-4-579-11185-5

I've started sketching more these days, I've put together a multi-artistic tote bag to take with me everyday on the subway. I have a large Shinzi Katoh bag that I stock with a thick sketch book, colored pens, mechanical pencil, eraser, Pigma Micron markers, 2 crochet projects, crochet hooks and a little sewing kit.
With this in tow everyday I'm sure to create something. Below is a little girl I sketched out for a doll I would like to sew.

Pio Pio ©2010