Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sewing things

Last night I poured myself a nice glass of Blue Moon beer, grabbed my pins and scissors and got ready for some fabric cutting. I pulled out the Nani Iro fabric, pinned my pattern and away I went.... Snip snip snip. The fabric is ready! But after looking at it again I'm starting to feel like the yoke should be solid black, sucks cause that means I wasted some very expensive fabric. Well at least the pieces are small. I may have to postpone sewing it on the weekend until I but some black woven fabric that will look nice with the Nani Iro one.

Yesterday I went to Ennju for lunch to get some Japanese Curry Rice and normally love them but they totally screwed me with forgetting my order and making me late back to work. While I was there I picked up some yummy green tea and chocolate candies in mushroom shapes.

okay is it me or it this singing mushroom looking like a body part?
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