Monday, August 2, 2010

Painting Murals, biking and snuggling kittens

Summer, painting at P.S. 19

The past few days have been very rich with activities. Wednesday afternoon I got my haircut at Fringe on Broome, after way too long of not getting a haircut. Owner and Head Stylist, Amy, did a fabulous job once again. I was waiting for her to get back from maternity leave as I grew out into a puffy wig, thank god it's tamed again. That eve we met friend for dinner and to see a documentary screening at the SVA theatre for Downtown Calling, a very cool documentary about the NY art,music and dance scene in the 70's and 80's.

Thursday, my company through NY Cares sponsored a volunteer program that I participated. I joined a group of coworkers at a public school in Williamsburg, P.S. 19 and painted Murals in various locations throughout the school. It was really fun, satisfying and super hot (no ac in the school). All of us separated into groups and my group painted a mural in the school's entrance of a castle and grounds already drawn by one of the elementary school students. We picked really bright colors for the castle bricks since who wants to look at some drab gray castle bricks, and the trees and other foliage were painted in lots of happy greens a-la-Bob Ross. I was so hot I thought I was going to pass out, luckily my coworker and friend, Summer volunteered to get on the über tall ladder to get the high bricks so if I was going to fall it would be a short way. After all the bricks were completed we moved onto helping two other peeps from our group in finishing the trees.

We cleaned up and thought we were done, but sadly the NY Cares volunteer informed us that we had 30 minutes remaining to the end of our volunteered 3 hours so we were assigned to paint clouds in the school's library were other coworkers were painting large murals of illustrated book covers. This was a fun activity with an interesting effect when you have 5 people all painting clouds in different styles. It was really pretty and happy looking in the end. Time to really clean up, the slop sink backed up of course so we had to use an off-limits sink to wash our brushes and hands, somehow I ended up cleaning majority of the brushes, oh well.

Friday, my partner and I went to see the Kids Are All Right which was really good and depressing at the same time, made me realize yeah that's our lives sans kids and sperm donor.

Inga watching our neighbor

Saturday, we put our foster kittens to the test and upgraded them to unsupervised time out of their crate. We did this for two reasons, the kittens were going cuckoo crated for long periods of time and we were sick and tired of cleaning the crate 10 times a day. For the most part they are out of their crate just overnight and when my partner and I are out of the house. They passed the test with flying colors, yay!

Odd but cool mural in Williamsburg off Kent Ave

While the kittens had free roam of the apartment with our dogs as the nannies we took our bikes out to Williamsburg which was a pretty painless ride and had lunch at Egg. Debra and I both had the same thing, this delicious country ham with cheese on a biscut with fig jam and a side of cheese grits, yum! Oh and I had a very refreshing Arnold Palmer made from the freshest lemonade and home brewed iced tea. We pedaled back to our neck of the woods and found all was right in our home.

Brunch at Egg

That eve we had our friend Linda over to chill, snack, and snuggle some kittens which is great for everyone.

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