Monday, August 23, 2010

Berets, Blankets and Bikes

my bike

I haven't written in a while, unfortunately my job has been sucking the creative juices right out of me. I've had plenty to write about but no time nor energy so I'm going to try and rectify my blogless days or daze.


On the crafting front, I started working on this beret for myself. I bought this lovely heathered baby alpaca yarn, fingering weight, in Stockholm on my trip in June. It's a really warm rusty orange, my favorite kinda orange. It's super soft. The pattern that I'm basing it on calls for a worsted weight but I wanted the beret to be more floppy less structured. I'm also working on a blanket for my dog Budda who loves to snuggle in his blankets but all of them are just ugly. I bought some worsted weight organic cotton in grey and citron and I started a simple geometric design of color blocking. It'll look nice in my living room and feel cool in the summer and warm in the winter, all plus'.

a Sataurday morning snuggle

This week and weekend past was pretty eventful, aside from my deadline rich day job, we had lots of kitty drama. First starting last Sunday we got up at 5 am to take the 3 kittens we are fostering to the very scary ASPCA mobile spay/neuter van. Aside from the real assembly line and lack of information the location of where the van was park was in a god-forsaken area of new, East New York right next to the Brooklyn Animal Care and Control (BACC). It smelled bad, we were surrounded by warehouses and factories and the very sad feeling of what was going on in the BACC building. Our poor little kittens went through hell that day, all I have to say is, never again, I will shell out the hundreds of dollars for a private vet. The kittens were stoned and belligerent for two days and then to top it off Bjorn's prison tattoo (yeah they tattoo these babies after neutering/spaying with a knife and some ink no fancy tattoo gun for them) gave him an allergic reaction. Inga, his sister was right behind him with an allergy and a little blood from her surgery site, freaked us out! Did I say, NEVER AGAIN! After a dozen calls to the ASPCA and our private vets we had to rush them up to Harlem Friday morning, diagnosis, they're fine.

Sweet baby Olaf

After all the insanity of Friday morning I went back to work and left early to spend a little q.t. with little Olaf who's new mom was coming at 4pm to pick him up to start his new life. Farewell my little buddy. We love you.

more Olaf

lost to the smokeys

Backtrack to Thursday evening, I have been in search of a painting studio for over a year with no luck, I finally found the studio of my dreams, minus ac and heating. Alas, I was not picked from the folks who applied for the studio. In the end it was a blessing because I found out that some of the other artists sharing the studios did some "light smoking", like that's a modified "no smoking", WHAT! Smoking around oil paints and other flammables equals bad, and smoking in general is just bad for you. No thank you, next.

Church on Governors' Island

Onward. Saturday, Debra and I joined our friend Michelle for a bike ride on Governor's Island, which we tried for the first time last weekend, and we loved it. It's so close to our apartment, the ferry leaves from pier six in Brooklyn which is a 10 minute walk from our place or a 5 minute ride. The ferry is free from Friday to Sunday from Brooklyn. We saw some cool historical buildings and biked around the island enjoying the cool breeze off the water. The only thing you have to beware is the folks who are riding the blue bikes. These are rentals and these people don't know how to ride a bike, I almost got hit by a bike at least 4 times while I was there. Another cool thing on the island is the "beach". There's a small patch of sand with plastic palm trees and a beer and food stand, it's kinda surreal with the city skyline in the background.

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