Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hey Clay!

looking like a dufus with my unfinished tea bowl. I look like a smell something bad!

Tonight I took a Japanese pinch pottery class and it was awesome! My friend Adriana and I signed up for a private pottery lesson at the Togei Kiyoshitsu Pottery Studio in NY in which they taught us how to knead the clay properly and make a cup/bowl and a plate for $35 bucks! So cheap for a private lesson. I'm definitely signing up for the 4 week private class.
The cup was definitely harder to make and it turned out more like a tea bowl than a cup, which is fine, the teacher said it's more like a traditional matcha tea bowl.
The plate was much easier and it was really fun stamping a design into it and then beating it with a tiny sandbag!

Inside of my tea bowl. I stamped it with a really cool design.

My plate with tiny flowers and leaves. All of these are in the first stage pre-firing and pre-glaze. We have to wait a week for the clay to dry and fire it, then we can glaze it and fire it again. I will post those steps here too.

In the background I'm wacking my plate with a small sandbag. In the foreground is Adriana's cup inverted getting a foot sculpted on.

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