Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Cartes en Collage- Collage letters

This is one of the books I got the other day,
かわいい手紙コラージュの本, Collage of Cute Letter, it's super inspirational. It shows you how to make your own unique cards and letters with whimsy and romance! Some of them look like a kid made them and others are more sophisticated but all are wonderful. Here are a few pics, sorry for the poor light, lots of grey skies these days.

Japanese books
Japanese books
Japanese books
Japanese books
Japanese books

This collage of cute letter
ISBN: 978-4-416-81126-9
Author: edited by M. statement Shinko Hall
Release Date: 2011-03-15
Signature (and how): Letter cute collage book
Type size: A5
Number of pages: 144

ISBN: 978-4-416-81126-9
著者名:誠文堂新光社 編
発売日: 2011-03-15
判型: A5
ページ数: 144

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