Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Free Agent-time to craft

So Friday was my last day at the office and I'm so thrilled. Unfortunately my partner has been sick all weekend so we haven't been able to celebrate. But I got to enjoy some fun karaoke with my friends and then on Saturday I met with my friend Miryam and her family for a delicious meal at Village Yokocho. With my new found freedom I started to work on my taxes early (I know, thrilling), and crochet a little hat for my friend Suet's unborn baby girl. My friend is moving to Norway this summer with her husband, a climatologist (he's studying snow and the cycle of water which make Bergen, Norway perfect) and they are expecting their first child this April so their baby girl is going to need some warm clothing. I started on a little cold weather set for her, and the little animal ear hat is finished (above), now I have to work on the mittens.

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