Saturday, February 5, 2011

Scoping out Nakameguro

So in further exploring photography I have been making screen shots of the neighborhood I'll be living in Tokyo using Google Streetview. I've been trying to establish good places to hang out and the basics that I'll need, like grocery stores, easy walking and biking routes to places I may want to go to, like to buy some food or T.P.. So here are some screen shots of my surrounding neighborhood, just to get a flavor of it's essence pre-trip. (Above is LIFE supermarket, the perfect name for a supermarket, because without it you'd be dead ;) )

Next,we have Drug Zone, I can't go without my drugs or t.p..
this is really close to the train station ( below) along with Life supermarket (above), also convienently located across the street a giant Panchinko Parlor (below). Those oar the choicing of Life blow all your money at a gambling establishment or cross the street and buy some food for your kids, nah I rather like the tiny panchinko balls!

Along side the train station there are lots of little places to grab a bite with a large mug of beer or cheap sake, I have no idea what this place serves but by the picture on the window it looks like noodles or chinese food but whatever it is the prices seem decent.

Along side the train station there is always bound to be bike parking as you can see by this pic below.

This is a little street right by my apartment

I thought this was a cute little house along side the Meguro-gawa (Meguro river). Where there are towns of sweet places to hang out.

More places next to Meguro-gawa

The classic vending machines in an alleyway

Lovely back streets

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