Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year!

I went out to shoot my Nikon F3 today and lucked out that it was Chinese New Year, and there are pretty insane celebrations in NYC chinatown. I shot two rolls of Kodak 160 VC. I was really fortunate that after I shot the main event at Roosevelt Park I decided to walk over to Divison Street and the Dragon business blessings had just started so I got amazing pictures. There were many Dragon crews, which consisted of a couple of teens dressed in the Dragons and then a another group of teens drumming a large drum, then a third groups of teens carrying large poles to crowd control. Can you imagine a major NYC event left in the hands of teenagers, holy crap! It was amazing! I'm dropping of the rolls of film tomorrow so I hope to see the results next week, for now you have my hipstamatic and other iphone pics.

imagine my surprise when this guy was coming up the escalator when I was heading out of Jing Fong Dim Sum restaurant!

This place has a great name considering it's in a grim basement of an exceptionally dirty street. I stopped into a delicious Chinese bakery, Fay Da (83 Mott Street) on the way home and picked up a roast pork bun, 2 beef curry puffs, and a sesame bean ball, all for $4.95! The beef curry puffs were insanely yummy.

After getting back to my neighborhood my partner and I went for a hot chocolate at Nunu Chocolates on Atlantic Ave and 3rd ave.

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